Link Building for Law Firms: 6 Tips for Getting More Quality Links

Marketing can be a tricky process. Figuring out the best way to reach your target audience with maximum impact takes extensive research and planning. If done successfully, you can significantly grow your business and your brand. However, if you do not tread carefully, you may end up doing more harm than good.

If you are attempting to expand your law firm’s business and reach, there are many marketing methods that can help you gain positive and effective visibility.


One of these content marketing strategies is link building. Link building is the process of creating a link to your content and website through a third party site. Link building assists in increasing traffic to and awareness of your website and business.

Link building must be done strategically in order to be truly impactful. It is not just enough to have links; they must be quality links.

So, how do you get quality links for your content and website?

1. Publish Quality Content

In order to obtain a quality link, you must first produce quality content.

Attracting positive attention to your business and possible links requires content that is thoroughly researched and well written. To accomplish this goal and create award-winning content, it is necessary to evaluate both your competition and your audience.

Research your competition to see what they are writing about. Notice the places their content is lacking and note how it could be improved. Inspect what they are doing well and consider how you may be able to mimic their success.

It is not enough for your content to be as good as the competition, it must be better.

Next, research your audience. Identify your target audience’s needs, wants, and expectations. Step into their shoes to fully grasp what type of content will benefit and intrigue them the most.

By considering your competition and audience throughout the writing process, you will be able to better understand what type of content will help you stand out.

2. Stay Trendy

In addition to producing articles that are intriguing and beautifully written, your content should be timely and relevant.

Capitalizing on trendy topics related to law firms can help you quickly gain visibility in the eyes of the public. By staying informed about current events and what your competitors are posting, you can ensure that you will produce appropriate content that will connect with a wider audience.

In addition, if you are unaware of what is occurring in the world, you could appear tone-deaf to your readers. This is a mistake that can cause your audience to view your business as unappealing or irrelevant.

Creating content that reflects on relevant issues will help you gain quality links that will boost your business.

3. Consider Content Style

Certain styles and types of content are more successful at getting quality links. Readers tend to gravitate towards certain types of content that suit their needs better.

Generally, this gravitational pull is due to content either being informative or easier to read.

Ultimate guides and manuals that feature step-by-step instructions for certain processes or skills are highly popular. If you have a content idea that warrants a thorough explanation, consider dedicating some time, money, and skill to creating a document your audience would find useful and meaningful.

Lists are also an extremely desired form of writing. Lists are successful because they break dense information into something simple and easy for everyone to understand.

Different forms of content are beneficial for law firms because they assist in explaining difficult information to their audience in helpful and creative ways, thus making them more popular and likely to get quality links.

4. Make Yourself Known

Having a strong presence in your community can make or break your marketing efforts. You could have a fantastic piece of content that you have worked tirelessly to complete, but if no one has ever heard of you or your business, it will be a lot harder to gain quality links.

Discover ways and opportunities to become known in your community and among other law firms in order to gain credibility and visibility. By posting content on your website, other blogs, and social media, you’ll be able to gain a following.

If more people are aware of your business, you will have more authority, which will lead to more quality links and positive business. In fact, social media is a top contender in marketing because it’s one of the best ways to sustain relevancy with your audience.

According to, more than 91% of retail brands have more than one social channel, which means that your business should have the same or more in order to have a better shot at making yourself known.

5. Practice Outreach

Outreach involves taking action to spread the word about you, your business, and your content. It is unlikely that people will just stumble across your content; in order for them to know you are an awesome firm, you have to tell them.

Before you begin contacting people, do your research, and learn how to evaluate potential link partners. Analyze your competitors to see where they post content. Research sites and blogs with which you share a common purpose. It is important to understand where your content will fit best to ensure it gets maximum exposure.

Once you know who you are contacting, reach out to them. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through email marketing. To make certain your email is seen, create personalized emails, and send them at strategic times.

Reaching out to other sites and blogs is a great way to gain links that will increase your website traffic. 

6. Update Your Website

All of your work to create a fantastic piece of content that will lead users to your site will be useless if your website is subpar. Users will be instantly turned away if your website does not match the quality of your article.

Before you begin writing content and pursuing links, ensure that your website has been properly updated to create a user-friendly experience that showcases your law firm’s values and experience. Users will appreciate a website that is professional in appearance.

Getting quality links can assist your business in growing its website traffic and awareness. Each link can mean a substantial increase in business, so it is vital to take your time to create content that is purposeful and actively establish a presence online and in your community.

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