Litigation and Commercial Disputes: Why Business Owners Reach Out to Lawyers

When you have clients who are trying to make a success of their business, even the smallest legal issue can throw all their hard work and effort into disarray. When there are issues with contracts, customers, bankruptcy or even accusations of fraud it can be difficult to know what to for the best.  The truth is, it could be time for them to reach out to a commercial litigation lawyer.

Reaching out to a commercial litigation lawyer makes perfect sense, especially if your client wants their business disputes resolved as quickly as possible so they can get back to doing what they do best.

For more information on litigation and commercial disputes, read on.

Client disputes

Being a business owner means dealing with members of the public in a wide variety of situations. Sadly, try as they might many businesses can’t always please everyone and some customers may take their disappointment further and pursue a formal complaint or dispute against the company. Often, these are monetary related, perhaps they’re counter claiming against a debt they have with the company or they don’t believe they should pay what they owe the business. Hopefully, these kinds of disputes can be resolved through mediation without formal court proceedings.

Employment concerns

Whether the company has two employees or two hundred, handling employee disputes and concerns is another role commercial litigation lawyers take very seriously. Employee contract disputes, personal injury or workers compensation cases are common, so it makes sense for businesses of all sizes to have a commercial litigation lawyer available to discuss their current legal position and to protect the business.

Fraudulent disputes

No business wants to be tainted with an accusation of fraudulent behavour. And this is where a commercial litigation lawyer can step in. If an accusation were to arise, perhaps related to an insurance claim or medical insurance, then a litigation lawyer should be the first person a business owner should call.

Supplier disputes and issues

A business working with any number of suppliers is effectively relying on those contractors to provide products and services for their clients. It’s a delicate chain and when something goes wrong it can throw an entire business into disarray. So, if there’s an issue with a supplier such as a breach of contract, defective goods or issues with deliveries or even communication, it’s vital for a business owner to speak with a commercial litigation lawyer as soon as possible, to resolve the issue before their business is damaged any further.

And finally, business premises issues

Leases, rental agreements, landlords, fees, licenses, or even issues with maintenance … when a business rents a premise, that formal contract is there to protect both the owner of the property and the person or business who is renting. However, when problems arise often related to the deposit, unclear tenancy terms, or issues with the maintenance of the property then it’s common for a business owner to reach out to a commercial litigation lawyer.

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