Marketing Your Law Firm in a Post Pandemic Period

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has meant that pretty much every business in every industry has had to make adaptions in the way that they do things – from how they interact with customers, take payments and even down to their marketing strategy. This goes for law firms too – it really has thrown everything up in the air for everyone.

The good thing is that it is now starting to show signs of leveling out, and businesses can use the ideas and strategies that they implemented in the height of pandemic and use these going forwards to keep them, their staff and their customers safe while also making sure their business remains viable and profitable. In this article, we are looking at some of the ways that you can market your law firm in a post-pandemic period, while also using some of the points from the Advertising for Lawyers: A Complete Guide.


Check-in with past and present clients

Now, more than ever, people are beginning to realise the value of the personal touch. Showing the human side of your business is also going to win you clients, now and in the future.

Many of your clients may have been sheltering at home and still are, or are only just starting to venture out. They may have been personally affected by the virus or lost family or friends to it. They may also have been struggling financially. A quick call or email to see how they are doing can go a long way.

Clients will remember this and will remember that they have not been forgotten about. Make sure you don’t turn it into a cold call though.


Establish yourself as industry experts

 Recognized intellectuals always get more business.  The secret is to provide clients with value and information.  Professional photography, a complete career biography and a list of key achievements should be given on your professional website. Their biographies should have a link to their notable cases – told as stories– as well as to interactive content such as videos, interviews and podcasts.

Sort out your website

 According to research, 96% of people use a search engine to find a law firm. If your website is not perfectly optimized and hitting the top of Google searches, you could be missing out on huge amounts of custom.

You need to ensure that your website is easy to navigate and is up to date. Create regular, engaging content that has all the elements of search engine optimization (SEO).

Your website needs to show your clients that you are the best law firm out there to deal with their case, not just tell them. FAQ pages, testimonials from previous clients and high-quality content. Check everything thoroughly for spelling and grammar errors. If a client picks up on even a simple mistake, it can make you look like you do not care about the finer details.

Now is the time to give your law firm and your marketing strategy the personal touch. Show that you care, show that the finer details matter to you and you will see clients respond positively.

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