Most Common Construction Accidents That Happen Onsite

A construction site is a very high-risk environment. It is surrounded by building materials, machinery, and different tools that many construction workers use. All of these expose workers to various hazards. Many of the accidents that happen on-site are attributed to some negligence of the employer, unsafe worksite conditions, improper use of the tool or equipment, and inadequate safety practices by the workers. In case an accident happens on-site, investigations will be done, and a construction lawsuit may be filed.

It is crucial that as a construction worker, you know the most common construction accidents that happen on site. If you are aware of these accidents, you will be conscious of your actions and environment so that you can avoid these from happening.

Common Construction Accidents

1. Slip and Falls

common construction accident slip and fall

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has reported that falls account for more than 36 percent of total deaths in construction last 2012. High elevations are very common in construction sites. Working at heights also include those using ladders to reach elevated areas of the site. Falling hazards commonly occur on stairwells with no guardrails or high workspaces where the worker is not given appropriate protective equipment.

Ladder accidents are categorized under falls because workers are working at heights. Falling from a ladder can cause long-term or short-term injuries depending on the height of the ladder. Most of the time, injuries happen because the worker is using the wrong type of ladder during the activity. It could also be that the ladder was unstable or placed on a slippery or uneven surface. Proper maintenance of the ladder must also be done as it could cause injuries when it unchecked of wearing or damages.

Slipping is also a common accident that is linked to unsafe working conditions or not wearing the proper protective shoes on site. You can slip on surfaces with water, oil, or other slippery liquid. You must wear non-slip protective shoes to avoid this from happening. Proper housekeeping of the area is also critical at all times.

2. Electrocutions

Electrocution occurs when a person or piece of equipment comes into contact with power lines or exposed electrical surfaces. This accident occurs when a worker is unaware of all energized power sources while they are working in an area. It is important that all the electrocution risks are removed before people work in a specific area to avoid this kind of injury.

3. Caught-in or between an equipment

Many construction sites use heavy machinery, and there are times that workers find themselves in unexpected danger when they are caught in or between this equipment. Long-term injury, disability, or even death can result when a worker’s body part is caught, squeezed, or crushed between this equipment. These injuries can happen when the workers around the area are not aware of their surroundings. It can also occur when there is no machine guarding around the machinery as required by safety standards.

4. Machinery accidents

Workers can hurt themselves when they use power tools or other types of machinery. These accidents happen for many reasons like mechanical defects on the device an electrical failure. Accidents also occur because the worker did not have proper training on how to use the machine properly. These accidents are also unavoidable when there is a lack of appropriate safety equipment provided like gloves or face shields.

Consequences of The Accidents

When there is negligence in terms of safety and risk awareness, your work can kill you. The unfortunate truth is, when construction workers are killed or injured on the job, it only affects their health and livelihood. These injuries lead to expensive medical bills and treatments while you lose your earning ability. Thus, your family may find themselves in dire need of financial aid during these tough times.

What You Should Do When This Happens

It is important that you seek medical attention the instant you get injured. It is also critical that the accident is reported to the proper authorities promptly. Everything from the time, place, circumstance of the injury must be reported to your supervisor, and you should take note of it as well. Your employer should also give you a written report of the accident so that you can have it in your records. These records are required for you to go through the personal injury claim process.


When working in a construction site, you are surrounded by many hazards and risks. Your employers need to make sure that they provide you with a working environment that mitigates these risks and dangers. It is their responsibility to give you proper protective equipment so that accidents won’t happen. In case their negligence leads to an injury, you need to contact a lawyer to help you with personal injury claims. You must get the most out of the settlement so that they cover your medical needs and loss of earnings due to the accident.

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