Promoting Your Law Firm Online: The Use of Keywords

Sure, the delivery of legal services is still an offline business for the most part. As legal professionals, you or your associates and partners still have to print out documents, submit them in person to different agencies, and represent your clients in person during court proceedings.

However, this surely does not mean that marketing your services should only be done offline. Most people now spend a lot of their time surfing the web. In fact, a lot of commercial  transactions happen online now. Your business should keep up if you want people to still see you as relevant, or just see you, period.

One good way to promote your law firm online is through search engine optimization or SEO. This process ensures that your pages are searchable via Google and other search engines so that people can visit them and get information from them.

The use of keywords cannot be divorced from the practice of SEO. The two are just too intertwined. But before you start using keywords, there are three things that you must understand.

Search Volume

Keywords are basically the terms that people use to search for content online. These keywords must appear at least once in your content if you want the search engines to recognize your content and eventually offer it to the searcher.

If you want to be relevant, it’s only natural for you to target keywords that are well-searched in your SEO campaigns. For this, you need to take a look at a keyword’s search volume, which is basically the number of people who use that term in a given period. There are many free tools online that help you with this. Google Ads is just one.

Keyword Specificity

Not all keywords are valued equally. There are just some that are more well-searched than others. The trend is this: the more generic the keyword, the greater the number of people searching for it. Does this mean that you are okay just writing about high search volume keywords for your campaign?

Not really. The strength of a popular keyword is also its weakness. Its popularity makes it such a highly competitive keyword, meaning a lot of people are writing about it. Because of this, it might be difficult for you to get noticed even if you do all the right things.

If you run a white collar defense firm that handles corporate fraud and other similar cases, you can be more specific with your keyword. You can write about your white collar defense firm in Dallas or whichever location you are, for example. Doing this not only trims your competition but also makes your campaign more focused on the community that you serve. Local SEO is also a thing, you know.


Aside from SV and specificity, you also need to pay attention to the intent of the keyword. More generic keywords are interpreted as terms with informational intent. Meaning, users just want to KNOW more about them. More specific keywords may have a more action-oriented intent. This may mean that the person doing the search is really looking to hire a lawyer. With this, you should adjust the tone and substance of your content accordingly.

Being present online is one good way to make your firm more accessible to potential customers. Almost everyone is on the web now. As a business, it’s you who needs to adjust and follow your target market.

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