What Qualities Should You Look in Your Family Law Attorney?

Fixing people’s lives and making them smile once again after going the turmoil of divorce, accidents, or division of assets is a hard task for a family lawyer to accomplish. There is a lot of shaking that comes along with any lawsuit and going through the corridors of justice can be a frustrating task if you don’t have a lawyer by your side.

An overview SD&A

You need to have someone who not just comprehends your issues thoroughly, but is knowledgeable about what happens in court. Of course, you don’t have to lose your spouse and property share because of having an inexperienced lawyer.

When dealing with matters revolving around divorce, division of assets, custody & access, spousal & child support and other family related issues, you require a firm that will carry your burden and give full attention to your matter. Stephen Durbin and Associates (SD&A) can be that firm you want to have through such periods if you are in Toronto.

There is already thousands of law firm over the internet, but there are only few reliable ones that can guarantee their full commitment to your case. SD&A has over the years developed culture of excellence when dealing with their customers. With this firm, you can shorten those lengthy court proceedings which are used by corrupt lawyers to sap the juice from your bank.

You need a firm like Stephen Durbin and Associates who will struggle to take your case out of the court of law and to resolve any filed case within the shortest time possible. We all know how traumatizing it can be to go through divorce or any family related court case. That’s why you need a family lawyer who has the following qualities:

1. Compassion

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer, you definitely need someone who has this trait of compassion in them. You need someone who completely understands your emotional aspect and the pain you are going through. They need to understand what you are expecting from the lawsuit too.

2. Dependability

You need an attorney whom you can share your issues with confidence and have some believe that they will not tell anyone. You trust and hope they will appear in court and stand with you in the hearing to give you the right outcomes. Without a dependable lawyer you will not get what you want from that court.

3. Experienced

This is where you pay attention to their set of skills. Most of the lawyers at SD&A are experienced to deal with domestic or family matters. Cases like divorce or spousal & child support are very different from the other cases because of the emotional attachment with them. That’s why you need a an experienced lawyer in this field who will be with you all through and win the case for you.

4. Performance, delivery and results

Performance is a must for any family attorney. You need them to be diligent and follow up your court proceedings when you are there or not, so that you will get exactly what you needed in your divorce or filed case.


Depending on the case at hand, let the skills and qualities of a certain family lawyer match the need. Stephen Durbin and Associates in Toronto is one of the best firms that will help you navigate through until you get what you deserve.

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