Questions To Ask An Accident At Work Claim Lawyers

Everyone needs an Accident At Work Claim lawyer at some point, especially if you have a job that exposes you to risk of suffering an accident. 

Here are situations when you might need an accident at work claim lawyer, followed by questions to ask your lawyer during such a situation.

Situations When You May Need An Accident At Work Claim Lawyer


  1. You are a construction worker on a project and you fell from a ladder. You broke your bones, which will require you to miss work for months while you get medical treatment.
  2. You were in the office and someone accidentally spilled boiling hot coffee on you. You have to visit the hospital ER to be treated for burns.
  3. You plugged your computer to a defective office electrical outlet and you got an electric shock that left burns on your hands. The company doctor recommended that you visit a nearby hospital for treatment.
  4. You were driving a motor vehicle issued to you by your employer when the brakes failed and you slammed into a post. You got lacerations on your arms and legs because of the accident and needed to get medical treatment.

These are just examples of possible situations related to accidents at work.

Work Accident: Injury on Job

What To Ask Your Accident At Work Claim Lawyer

You may need a lawyer from a firm such as Jones Whyte Law to represent you if such situations as above occur. Generally, you can call a lawyer if your employer refuses to recognize his liability for the accident you went through. You can ask legal questions such as:


Do I Have Sufficient Basis To Qualify For Compensation? 

This is the age of lawsuits and many employers may be sensitive to the implications of incidents such as an accident at work. You will have to ask your lawyer if he thinks that your employer could be liable for the accident. Take note that you will have to prove that the employer is indeed liable before you can go about seeking compensation. This is where your lawyer might be able to help.

Do I Need Witnesses To Testify About The Accident?

Your lawyer will probably inform you that you will need proof that the accident was not your fault. If the accident was your fault, you will have to pay for your medical treatment. Your lawyer may ask you to give names of people at work who witnessed the accident. This may make the investigation easier.

Do I Need To Submit Other Evidence?

Submitting evidence might be one of the things you should do if you’ve had an accident at work. Ideally, your lawyer will ask for more evidence of employer liability that will bear scrutiny in court. So photos or videos of the accident site may be helpful. Proof of the extent of your injuries would also be required so always provide a doctor’s certificate about your injuries and treatments.

Do I Have To Prove My Employer’s Liability For The Accident?

The whole point of asking a lawyer for legal assistance is to provide proof that your employer is liable for the accident. You need to prove that your employer failed to provide a safe workplace for employees.

When Would I Be Considered Liable For The Accident At Work?

As stated above, your lawyer will probably inquire regarding the circumstances surrounding the accident. Only then can your lawyer understand if you are to blame for the accident, or if the responsibility can be attributed to the negligence of your employer.

There are some instances when the employer is absolved of blame for an accident at work. For one, if it’s proven in court that you were under the influence of alcohol, or were high on illegal drugs at the time of the accident, then the court may rule that the employer was not liable for the accident. In this case, you would be considered liable for the accident that left you injured.

Final Thoughts

If you get into an accident at work, it’s always wise to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Prepare your case by asking your lawyer the right questions such as whether your employer is liable for the accident and how you can prove his or her liability in legal proceedings. Make sure as well that you have proof of the employer’s liability, such as the medical report from the attending physician. This will help you get compensation for the injuries you suffered so that you can afford further medical treatment despite the loss of income.

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