Questions To Ask When Hiring Family Lawyers Sydney

In Australian law, the no-fault divorce principle was established under the Family Law Act 1975. It means that the court doesn’t consider the partner who was at fault when it comes to a marriage’s breakdown. This aspect of family law is just one that a family lawyer in Sydney should be able to explain to you clearly.

So before you choose a family lawyer, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to ensure successful outcomes.


How Should I Consider the Best Interest of My Children in a Family Law Case?

The Family Law Act requires a parenting order in the best interests of the children involved. When formulating parenting plans, a trusted and reputable family lawyer, like one from Prime family lawyers, always encourage parents to be guided by this principle.

The law ensures that children still experience a meaningful relationship and should be protected from harm despite the divorce. You have to choose a family lawyer that displays a caring attitude and is passionate in safeguarding the rights and best interests of your child.

Here are the essential things to consider when hiring a family lawyer:

  • Reputation: It’s a good idea to check the lawyer’s reputation. You can read review sites, social media channels, and even the law firm’s website for testimonials.
  • Credentials: Consider the lawyer’s family law educational background and specialization.
  • Years of Experience: You can take advantage of the lawyer’s established connections and expertise in handling family legal matters.
  • Law Firm’s Physical Address: Choose a lawyer who practices family law in your local area with a physical address. It will make legal options and transactions more accessible.

Do You Regularly Handle Family Law Cases?

Family Law Cases Attorney at Law Magazine

An experienced and dependable family law attorney has in-depth knowledge and skills of how family law works. Choose someone who has handled similar cases to yours. By doing so, you are assured that you have made the right choice, and your lawyer has a solid plan when it comes to the best approach of such a case.

What Are the Problems In My Case?

A good family lawyer should be able to share any bad news with you about the case from your first meeting. Otherwise, be concerned and find someone else. The attorney should be able to identify any minor or major problems in your case. 

What Is the Possible Timeline and Outcomes of My Case?

A family law case can be driven by the amount of marital property and local rules. That’s why it may take around three months up to two years. Your case can be straightforward with an amicable consent order when it comes to child support and custody.

Some people may have unrealistic goals, most especially when it comes to child custody. Your family lawyer should be able to clearly define the facts and explain to you the possible outcomes of your case. In that way, you can decide if you and the lawyer are on the same page, which is also a financially wise step.

Who Will Personally Handle My Case?

A senior lawyer may be the first person you’ll talk to on your initial consultation. But it’s still essential to ask if the senior lawyer will personally handle your case. Law firms usually have junior lawyers to whom senior lawyers assign a particular case.

Know who or when to call, the best mode of communication, and how often will you be able to talk to the family lawyer about your case. Determine if a staff member checks the emails or if the attorney personally checks email from clients. You want to ensure that the family lawyer you will be choosing will be hands on with your case as much as possible.

How Much Will the Legal Fees Cost?

Know the coverage of the lawyer’s retainer fee, and whether it is both billable and non-refundable. Ask whether the family attorney offers a flat fee or charge an hourly rate, and what services or items are included in the quoted estimated total amount.

It’s important to know what you’ll be paying. Ask if the charge includes long-distance fees, mileage, postage, and other tiny details that could add up to properly set your expectations. Also, inquire if the lawyer will bill you for actual time spent or has a “minimum time increment.”


Once you have asked the right questions, you’ll have the peace of mind to make the best decision about what law firm to choose. Take time to get to know the lawyer who will handle your case to set proper expectations when it comes to case handling and financial aspects.

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