Rethinking Personal Injury Compensations in Ireland with Book of Quantum Changes

If you have been in an accident and need to figure out how much you are entitled to for your loss of property, the cost of your injuries, and the debt for emotional pain, there are a few steps you need to take in order to figure it out. First, all personal injury claims have to go through the process of the Injuries Board, which assesses the severity of the injury and how much compensation you may receive. The Book of Quantum was created by the Injuries Board as a general guideline to determine the details of a claim. To get everything you deserve, you should use the tools at your disposal. It is flawed, however. The Book is changing and new guidelines are set to come out in October.

What is The Book of Quantum?

The Book of Quantum compiles and assesses sample cases from a large number of collected cases. While the information in the book is based on actual court figures, they only occur in a specific time period. It outlines how cases were awarded in the past. Claims are examined and can change on a rolling basis. Every claim to the Injuries Board has to be supported by medical evidence, which includes reports and records from the injury. The Book of Quantum provides a guide of various types of injuries depending on the severity. While it does not fully determine the amount you will receive, it provides a guideline for what you may be entitled to.


How it Works

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) has nine months to assess a claim from the date that the case is opened. First they identify the category of the injury and the assessment starts by identifying which part of the body has suffered the most significant injury. It is important to understand the severity of the injury, which will be categorized from minor to severe to permanent to reflect the degree of disruption to the person’s life as well as the pain and healing period of the injury. You should also consider if you have multiple injuries.

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board

The PIAB was created to evaluate and assess personal injury claims. According to the firm McGinley Solicitors, a company that works to receive compensation for personal injury claims, the goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes for a personal injury case to be resolved. The PIAB significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to finish a claim. The Board provides an independent assessment for victims of motor and public liability accidents as well as accidents in the workplace. A claimant must send in the application within two years of the accident. The PIAB assessment will determine what you will be compensated for your pain, suffering, and emotional damages. It also includes specific losses such as earnings and medical bills, as well as the future cost of medical care and loss of earnings.

Changes in the Guidelines

While the Book of Quantum has been accepted as a general guideline for dealing with PIAB, many judges and lawyers have acknowledged its limitations. In a new personal injury court case, the court described how the Book of Quantum can be used to mislead people into thinking that they will receive a specific amount of compensation when it doesn’t have any real effect on the outcome of the case. Justice Noonan said that the impact of the Book has been very limited, pointing out that the quantum parameters in the guidelines can’t take into account how a particular injury affects the plaintiff. He also said that the Book of Quantum is suited to straight forward cases in which the injury falls clearly into a specific category. This causes potential for injustice and can result in various outcomes. It is merely a set of guidelines, and it isn’t necessarily used to determine compensation at all. With these flaws, the PIAB will outline new guidelines that are set to be unveiled in October.

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The new guidelines are being constructed to mitigate some of these flaws and expand on the Book’s limitations. According to Justice Noonan and others, the guidelines need to more accurately reflect the possible outcomes of a case and the nuances that come with personal injuries. When it provides precise guidelines, the victim will have a better chance at getting the compensation they deserve for their injuries, time, and money they have lost.

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