Rideshare Driver Safety: Is Driving for Uber and Lyft Safe?

When UberCab started in 2010 in San Francisco, a new ride-sharing age started, being fairly common in most cities. Lyft also joined the ride-sharing scene in 2012 to give passengers more transportation options. Today, both Uber and Lyft provide rides to millions of people annually. If you’re thinking about joining either of these companies as a driver, here are some important things you need to know when it comes to safety.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Driving for Lyft and Uber

If you don’t want the demanding schedule of a full-time taxi job, you can make a decent income driving with Uber or Lyft, particularly if you work during your city’s peak hours. In addition, you don’t have to have a brand-new car to drive for these companies, and you may even be able to rent a car that Lyft or Uber insures by the week or hour.


Being friendly, driving a clean car that smells fresh, and offering your passengers amenities like snacks, water, and access to an AUX cord can make the trip more pleasant and earn you a higher rating.

While driving for a ride-sharing company is convenient for some people, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. For example, Uber released a data compilation in 2019 that was shocking and frightening. It seems that Uber reported nearly 60 crash-related fatalities, nine murders, and thousands of assaults connected to the ride-sharing service.

Do Potential Drivers View Working for Uber or Lyft As Dangerous?

A recent thread on Reddit described the horror stories regarding ride-share passengers, and many Uber and Lyft drivers could relate to the stories. One reader posted a question on Reddit to see if others thought it was dangerous to become an Uber driver. The reader received several replies – some users stated that they never had an issue driving for Uber or Lyft, and others asserted that driving for the ride-sharing service was similar to taxi driving. However, some respondents warned the reader that being assaulted as an Uber driver was eventually inevitable.


Several UberPeople drivers stated that they wouldn’t pick people up from strip clubs since these clients are more likely to be bad passengers. Some female drivers also noted that they carry pepper spray in their cars and don’t allow people in the front seat.

Ride-share drivers are classified as independent contractors, and drivers don’t receive extensive safety training. Both ride-sharing companies have fought to make sure that drivers are not employees. One former driver said in an interview with Wired that he always felt unsafe and unprepared even though he carried a gun during his time as a driver.

While it is rare to become the victim of assault, it is not impossible. However, your major risks involve traffic accidents with other cars, cyclists, pedestrians, etc. If you’re injured in an auto accident while driving an Uber or Lyft, you’ll need a Florida car accident lawyer on your side. Choose one from your state who is qualified to help with your specific case. An experienced attorney can also work with insurance companies to ensure that your settlement is fair, and you get the money you need to cover your medical expenses and other damages.

Are Ride-Sharing Services Safe?

A University of Chicago and Rice University longitudinal study asserts that ride-share accidents have led to an increase in traffic deaths by two to three percent since 2011. It equals around 1,100 fatalities every year. Moreover, a US Safety Report from Uber mentions over 36,000 deadly car accidents in 2018.

Researchers utilized the National Highway Traffic Administration statistics and compared the information with the data Lyft and Uber released about specific cities. The researchers also checked accident reports in these cities in proportion to miles traveled. The results revealed that most cities have more fatal car accidents after ride-sharing companies became available in the area. Contributing factors include more congestion and a decline in public transportation. Large metropolitan areas like New York have even issued a cap on ridesharing to reduce car accidents.

Why Legal Help Matters

A Florida Uber accident lawyer will review all the details of your case to determine who is liable and whether you are eligible for a settlement if you’re in a ride-sharing collision in the state.

In addition, if you are the victim of violence, you should still discuss matters with a specialized lawyer to understand if you have a civil case besides the criminal one managed by the State’s Attorney Office.

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