SEO for Lawyers: Tips To Boost Your Website Ranking

As a legal practitioner, having your own website is one sure way to make your presence felt online. This website, if it were to represent you, must have all the relevant information about your practice, especially your updated contact details

While creating a website is necessary, the work does not really end there. The Internet is already full of pages that talk about practically the same thing. Just do a quick search on Google to see just how overwhelming the number of law-related pages is. Because of this, there is a need to compete and eventually stand out from the rest. 

Search engine optimization or SEO is among the handful of ways proven to bring more traffic or visits to your page. This method requires the use of appropriate keywords on your pages. SEO also concerns itself with building links with other pages. This is where guest articles comes in. 

Posting guest articles on other pages is going to be helpful if you want to increase your online visibility. However, like anything else, success in this endeavor cannot be attained without proper planning and careful execution. In this article, we present three things that you should be mindful of when writing guest articles.

Know the limits of your knowledge and expertise, and stay within them

The websites that you want to put guest articles on will most likely have considerable reach to a diverse audience. Now, you have to remember that your practice is not relevant to everyone. For example, Reck Law, which is composed of lawyers who specialize in worker’s compensation, are unlikely to be relevant to those who are looking to file a divorce case or dispute an inheritance claim. 

Only specific sectors find you useful, and you should just focus on them. Never be tempted to write about something that you practically don’t know anything about just to widen your audience reach. Doing this puts your credibility at risk because the chances of being vague and shallow and even making mistakes are really high. This is the legal  profession that we are talking about, and a simple mistake can spell the difference between success and failure.

Never too obvious with your links and keyword anchors

Let’s be frank here. The primary reason you are writing guest articles is to distribute your links to other pages. After all, search engines such as Google consider linkbacks as votes for your credibility and trustworthiness. 

But just because it’s your goal doesn’t mean you should be obvious about it. Remember, the websites allow guests to post content so that they can enrich their offerings. Being a billboard or a coffee shop cork board is the last thing that they would want to be. Be respectful of that and try to be as subtle as possible with your promotions and links. 

Be strategic with your site choices

Just to be clear, not all websites are created equal. There are websites that are just more trustworthy than others. Content from will be treated with more respect than content from, right? When you post guest articles, do it on pages that are relevant to your legal practice. Doing this might require you to spend a little more time with your article, doing research and verifying arguments. But this will surely take you a long way. 

The online world is now a messy marketplace. You have to stand out in order to get noticed by your audience. Achieving this is not only about having great content on your actual pages. This also requires a great deal of promotion, which can be done through posting guest articles on other pages.

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