Seven Steps to the Personal Injury Claim Process

Personal injury claims are quite complex because you have many things to prove while filing your claim. You can use a firm like Foyle Legal Perth to help you, and you should abide by all the steps listed below so that you can be compensated fairly. You also need to remember that most people who have issues with their accident do not hire a lawyer or follow these steps. You also need to be patient because most people are not paid for their claim automatically.

Document Your Accident

You may have been hurt quite badly when you slipped and fell in public or were hurt at work. However, you need to document as much of the injury as you can. The best thing that you can do is save your shoes and clothes from that day. If you were at work, you need to document when you got to work or left work. If you were hurt in public, you should keep receipts from that day and have a log of all the things you did that day. You also need to document the weather conditions, and how many people were in the area. If you have witnesses, you should ask them to recount what they saw. All the information that you can provide will make your claim stronger.

Keep Medical Records

You need a copy of your medical records, and you need to try to get pictures of your injuries before they are treated. If you have someone with you, you could ask that person to take pictures and talk to the doctor for you. You need copies of your medical records so that you have a full account of what happened to you. When you cannot prove that were hurt badly, it is very hard to make a case that you should be compensated. Plus, it is very hard for you to present records in court that you do not have.

Talk To Your Employer

You may have been hurt at work, and you must contact your employer for assistance. If they do not help or the workers’ compensation system does not work for you, you must contact an attorney. If you were not hurt at work, you need to do everything you can to keep your job. Document all the things you do to keep your job, and submit all this information as evidence if you lose your job. You want to show that you have been in trying to do the right thing but your employer did not allow you to keep your job.

File Your Claim With The Court

Your lawyer will file the claim for you with the court, and you must wait for a reply for the guilty party in the case. You should not contact the other party in the case because they may record your conversations and use that information in their counterclaim. Also, you need to let the court direct the case until you begin negotiating a settlement.

Try To Settle

You should try to settle so that you and the defendant can save money and tie. You can appeal to your lawyer and the other party that you would like the case to end as quickly as possible. You may need to go to court if the other party will not agree to a settlement, and you should ask your lawyer to prepare you for a court case.

Going To Court

If you go to court, your case will be guided by your lawyer. Your lawyer can explain what will happen in court, why, and how long the case should take. You may be asked to testify, and you should only speak when asked to. Emotional outbursts do not help your case.

The Money Is Handled By Your Lawyer Or The Court

The money that you receive in a settlement or judgement is often not paid all at once. You will get the money funneled through the court, or you will receive payments from your lawyer because they set up an escrow account to hold the money before it is released. When you have used these seven tips, you can file your personal injury claim and get your life back on track.

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