Should You Get an LA Lawyer for Your First DUI Charge in the City?

Getting your first DUI charge in LA can be incredibly frightening. After spending time in jail and finding someone to bail you out, you’ll still have to assume the consequences of your actions in a court of law. It may have you wondering if you should get a lawyer to help you with your case. The answer, in almost all situations, is yes.

When Should You Talk to a Lawyer in Case of a DUI Charge in Los Angeles?

When it comes to DUI laws, they are usually complicated and change frequently. In addition, the specifics of your case will make it unique. Unfortunately, most people do not stay current with changes in or even know the specifics of DUI laws.


That means that talking to a lawyer is in your best interest.

They’ll be able to examine your case and give you an idea of what your defense strategy should look like. In addition, many law firms and attorneys will offer a free consultation, which means you can get answers to your questions without having the obligation of hiring that person to defend you.

However, going to court without a skilled expert in your corner could be detrimental. Give yourself the best chance possible by having a lawyer next to you when you go before the prosecution or the judge. Remember that a specialized attorney will advise you on the best plea bargain to accept if they offer it to you.


Times you may not need to talk to a lawyer

There are some circumstances in which you may not need to talk to a lawyer for your first DUI case. For example, if the prosecuting attorney offers you a standard first-offense deal, you might accept it if you feel it is in your best interest.

More often than not, this deal is something they offer everyone who is charged with a standard first DUI. The consequences are usually on the lower end of the penalty scale that has been established for a first-time offense.

To get this standard deal, you can’t have any prior DUI convictions, and there can’t be any aggravating factors, such as an overly high blood alcohol concentration level or injuries resulting from your drunk driving, among others.

The hope is that the prosecutor will offer this deal whether or not you have a lawyer. However, if they offer you this deal and you are willing to take it, then talking to and hiring a lawyer may not be worth your time and effort. Nonetheless, experts recommend consulting with a law firm even if the standard deal sounds good to you. The consequences of having a DUI record will haunt you for about ten years and will interfere greatly with your personal life, school, career, etc.

Things to consider for your first DUI offense

However, you need to ponder about some things before trying to decide whether you should talk to a lawyer for your first DUI case. The first one is whether or not the deal you are being offered is good or not. It may seem reasonable, but it’s also possible that a defense lawyer can find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. A lawyer with this knowledge could get you an even lighter sentence for your DUI case.

Trying to defend yourself during your first DUI charge (or for any charge!) can be incredibly difficult. There’s a reason why lawyers go to school for as long as they do and focus on a specific area of law.

If you want to have the best odds of fighting against a DUI charge or get the best possible deal, learn more about DUI defense strategies in LA. Long story short, it’s in your best interest to talk to an attorney. This is especially true if you find your case is going to trial. Your lawyer will help you deal with everything that comes together with a first DUI offense in California: probation, fines, penalty assessments, driver’s license suspension, and more.

Do what’s best for you

Being charged with your first DUI in LA will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. There will be many emotions and questions and talking to a lawyer is the best way to deal with both.

You don’t have to talk to or hire a lawyer to represent you, but to improve your chances of getting a good plea bargain or a lighter sentence, working with an attorney is in your best interest.

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