How Technology Has Allowed Wildfire Lawyers to Capitalize on the Butte County Camp Fire

The website of Wagner and Jones law firm is one fine example how well-meaning lawyers use technology to extend help to the victims of the Butte County Camp Fire. One page features a comprehensive guide that outlines the steps that survivors should take to recoup their losses and get back on their feet. The firm’s wildfire lawyers who authored the guide, also offer free consultation and representation for Camp Fire survivors through the website. As evidence against the utility provider PG&E continue to mount, one can expect more wildfire lawyers to use technology to capitalize on California’s most destructive and deadliest wildfire.

Marketing Blitz

The Butte County Camp Fire became the costliest disasters of 2018 with property losses amounting to $16.5 billion. In its wake, the wildfire razed nearly 14,000 homes and left thousands of California families homeless. What makes this incident even more tragic is that a one-fourth of the property losses are uninsured. This of course, may yet prove to be an advantage for both the victims and their legal representatives as compensation from uninsured recovery is considerably higher.

This makes the case against PG&E more attractive even to out-of-state lawyers who are also using technology to offer their services to Camp Fire survivors. Dozens of out-of-state lawyers are taking full advantage of billboard signs, advertisements on various media outlets and digital mailers to make their presence felt. Survivors, who are now living in shelters or temporary housing are taking the brunt of this marketing blitz.

Choosing a Legal Representative

In-state lawyers who specialize in wildfire litigations caution victims against hiring out-of-state lawyers. Since the suing PG&E can get very expensive, out-of-town lawyers may not have the same willingness and commitment as their local counterparts.

So how should Camp Fire survivors choose their legal representatives?

Unless the out-of-state law firm has the financial means to battle it out with PG&E, Camp Fire survivors are better off choosing a local lawyer. While this does not guarantee a favorable result for the survivors, California lawyers are more likely have more experience in wildfire litigation than their out-of-state peers.

PG&E Lawsuit

As mentioned earlier, evidence against PG&E continue to mount. The company has a long and dubious history of mismanaging and neglecting transmission lines. There are also eyewitness accounts, as well as reports from the company’s own employees that PG&E was responsible for the biggest wildfire in California history. To bide time, PG&E has filed for bankruptcy but this will not shield them from lawsuits and from making reparations to those affected by the wildfire.

Hope for Camp Fire Survivors

Contrary to what most people believe, filing a lawsuit against utility companies is not a waste of time, especially if you are a victim of Camp Fire. However, it is important for victims to look for legal representation as soon as possible as there is a 2-year limit in filing a case. Be on the lookout for wildfire lawyers who are offering free services until full compensation is recovered for you. If you are a survivor of Camp Fire, your legal representative can also help you file insurance claims and make the most out of your coverage.

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