The Average Settlement for Car Accidents in Florida

Settling of car accidents is usually done privately. In many cases, the result is only known by the liable insurer, the parties involved, and their team of lawyers. Although decisions made by a court during trials are usually released to the public, insurance claims outcomes are kept lowkey.

This makes it hard to determine how much one would receive as a settlement for an accident. Most of the time, the payment you will get is dictated by your circumstances.


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Average Compensation for a Car Accident in Florida

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience that can get even more frustrating if it results in an injury. There are specific requirements to follow up on a third-party suit for damages suffered because of an automobile accident in Florida.

While many people wonder how much money they can be compensated with after having an accident, no average amount can be accurately set. In Florida, different scenarios get different settlements as car accident compensation is dependent on various factors. These include the nature of the accident, the extent of injuries, and the insurance coverage involved.

To get a proper estimate of what your settlement will be like, you need to have the relevant data and documentation. Professional personal injury lawyers can thoroughly analyze these details, giving you a definite amount. In Florida, a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer can help you get fair compensation for your case.



Calculating Settlement Amounts in Car Accidents

As mentioned above, calculating the amount of settlement you will receive in case of a car crash depends on the details of the case. People have different ideas of accidents, from minor bumper knocks to fatal collisions that cause severe injuries and property damage.

To put it into context, a minor car accident with no fatalities will get a smaller compensation than a multiple-vehicle accident with numerous casualties and damaged property.

Florida law stipulates that victims in an accident are supposed to report to law enforcement promptly if the accident caused death, injuries, or damaged property worth over $500. Nonetheless, most minor accidents are rarely reported to law enforcement agencies.

It is essential to collect the relevant personal and insurance details of the parties involved whether or not you contact the police after the collision. Some of the vital information you need when filing a personal injury claim include the following:

  • Expected hospital and recovery expenses (e.g. medical tests, medication, physical therapy)
  • Cost of vehicle repair
  • Other monetary losses like loss of work and income

The above details will be used to calculate the amount you will get as compensation for a personal injury. The more documentation you have to detail the expenses related to the accident, the stronger case you can build.

Factors Considered in Florida Accident Settlements

The settlement received depends on the factors involved. The extent of your injuries and the quality of your defense counsel are critical elements that can influence the amount you will get.

According to various law resources, car accident settlements in Florida range between $10,000 and $60,000 or more. A good car accident lawyer can guide you in understanding the process and figuring out what amount you should expect as a settlement.

Damage Caps

These are limits on what amount of money you can get for damages in personal injury cases. The important ones in such scenarios are punitive damages, which can be awarded to punish the risky conduct of the at-fault party.

Lodging a Car Accident Claim

You can file a third-party lawsuit against the faulted party, especially if you are experiencing difficulties getting the money you need to cover expenses after a car accident. You will need an excellent legal team to assist you in pursuing a fair settlement. While it may seem like a long, tedious process, it is your right to get fair compensation, so do not hesitate to act.

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