The Most Common Causes of Teen Driving Accidents

While getting a driver’s license is a cause for celebration, it can also lead to great concern, particularly for parents. Teens, as still relatively inexperienced drivers, are more exposed to the risk of car accidents.

Both parents and teens need to take a cautious approach to this new chapter. It is recommended to adopt a gradual approach to driving. Some of the most common causes for teen driving accidents include distracted driving and not using seatbelts.

Inexperience Driving

Driver inexperience is by far one of the leading causes of traffic accidents involving teens. While they might have the basics of driving covered, there is more to road safety than that. One of the areas with the biggest discrepancy between new and veteran drivers is preventive action.

Some potential road hazards are more challenging to spot than others. In time, a driver will learn to recognize upcoming danger faster and react in due time, increasing the chances of avoiding a collision.

This is an area that can be mended with practice. A teen driver with a fresh license is most prone to become involved in a traffic accident in the first few months of driving. However, the risk will continue to decrease over time.

Distracted Driving

Teens may be more tempted to engage in distracted driving by engaging with devices. A study conducted by a phone company concluded that all of the participating teens recognized texting while driving as dangerous. Yet, half of the respondents admitted to doing this. Therefore there is a concerning discrepancy between being aware of a problem and actually taking action to mend it.

To draw more attention to this pressing problem, April was declared the Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The event offers a colorful variety of engaging activities centered around the topic alongside a valuable collection of informative resources. As parents, you can take advantage of these materials or direct teens to engage in a series of workshops.

When involved in a car accident, it is worth contacting a car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale. Teens especially could benefit from legal counsel in handling the proceedings associated with a traffic accident. What is more, having an experienced attorney on your side can help you secure the maximum amount of compensation for your case.

Poor Visibility

Driving in poor visibility conditions is a challenge for all drivers, yet it creates more problems for teens. The main causes of low visibility can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Weather conditions
  • Time of the day
  • Poor design of the roadway
  • Direct obstructions

While some of these can be partially averted, that is not always possible. Still, teens, in particular, should try to avoid driving at times of the day when visibility is low (like at dusk and dawn) or during bad weather.

Some aspects that can help overcome such a hindrance is familiarity with the road and good command of the car. Knowledge of particular road segments is highly contextual, depending on how frequently these are taken. Nevertheless, every driver should invest time in becoming comfortable with their vehicle, as this will help stay in control if an unpredictable situation arises.

Not Using Seat Belts

We have all heard that seat belts can save lives, yet not all drivers buckle up. To put things in perspective, consider that almost half of the people involved in fatal car crashes (in 2019) were not wearing a seat belt. Primary seat belt laws are enacted by several states, in the hopes of saving lives on the road.

According to Florida law, wearing a seat belt is mandatory for all drivers when operating the car. Also, front-seat passengers and backseat passengers under 18 years of age must wear a seat belt.

The Bottom Line

A driver’s license opens up a new horizon of possibilities and a whole new level of freedom. However, these do not come for free but are joined by great responsibility. A driver is responsible – to a certain extent – for the safety of all those with whom they share the road.

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