The Statute of Limitations for Auto Accidents in Texas

In most cases, when an accident takes place, the victim has a certain amount of time to file charges against the at-fault party. In Texas, you generally have two years since the date of the accident to file for compensation.

This deadline, however, can be closer or further away, depending on the specifics of your situation. You can learn the statute of limitations that applies to your case from the lawyer representing you.

Causes for Auto Accidents in Texas

Car accidents are costly and tragic events. It is estimated that Texas crashes add up to $43,400,000,000 in economic loss in a year. What is more, collisions claim 3,896 lives in a single year.

The leading causes of car accidents in Texas are:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Failure to keep a safe distance
  • Excessive speed
  • Driving the wrong way
  • Distracted driving

What’s a Statute of Limitations?

The statute of limitations is the available time a victim has to file complaints against the defendant. The state allows this small window of opportunity to minimize doubts regarding the authenticity and validity of the evidence.

Furthermore, filing an auto accident case after a long time since it happened could be very difficult since it requires victims to recall the events leading up to the incident. Over time, they may forget important details that could affect the outcome of the case.

Statutorily Speaking

In Texas, a person typically has two years from the date of an accident to file charges against the party responsible for causing harm. However, depending on the details of your case you may have less time – or, if you are lucky, more. It is crucial to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to determine the deadline that applies to your case.

Possible Exceptions

While the standard deadline for a personal injury case in Texas is two years, this is not always the situation. There are certain exceptions that can pause or extend the period. Some of the main exceptions include:

Talk to your lawyer to learn more about these exceptions and discuss your possible eligibility. In fact, many law firms offer a free initial consultation. You can use this opportunity to discuss the pressing issues of your case with a legal expert. If you decide to go for a free case review, be sure to bring up the statute of limitations.

Why Does the Statute of Limitations Matter?

Victims need to know that there are deadlines for filing claims against the party responsible for their accident. If they don’t do so within the set period, they may not be able to collect any legal compensation from the defendant.

What Should You Do?

The best way to avoid hitting the deadline is to keep a record of the date and time of your accident. If nothing else, writing down the name of the doctor who treated your injuries can help you remember what happened. Also, photograph everything that might be significant, from medical documents that you need to police reports.

The best time to contact a Dallas car accident lawyer is now so they can start working on your case immediately. Collecting evidence for a strong case requires time and dedication.

Final Thoughts

In Texas, the statute of limitation laws places a time constraint on victims seeking compensation through the courts. A car accident lawyer can inform you about any vital deadlines for your case and make sure that these are met.

While unexpected surprises may arise during the legal procedure, with a lawyer on your side, you can pass any hurdle. Knowing that your case is in expert hands should take off much of the stress brought on by taking legal action.

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