The Ultimate Guide To Making Law Firm Videos In 2020

In the 21st century, law firms no longer rely on posh offices in central locations. To generate leads and attract more customers, attorneys and law firms need to use digital mediums to promote and increase their reach. And in 2020, digital marketing for law firms is only booming. 

As per research, digital marketing strategies have played a central role in law firms’ lead generation tactics as: 

  • 70% of law firms have got a new case thanks to their website
  • 79% of law firms are using Facebook, and other social media channels are marketing tools
  • 62% of law firms are planning to boost their focus on marketing in 2020

The increasing competition in law firms vying for the top spot means you need to stand out from the rest and up the game in terms of SEO, digital marketing strategies, and especially leverage video marketing. The use of video marketing in several business segments increases and can do wonders, especially in the legal business. In 2020 alone, 1 billion hours of YouTube video content is watched on a daily basis.

So if you are planning to create compelling law firm videos to help boost your digital outreach, here is a guide to help you create amazing legal videos:

Focus on providing value and guidance

When creating law firm videos, ensure that you focus on the right target audience and the value you bring to them. For a layman, legal requirements and understanding are meager, so it is highly recommended that you focus on educating the audience and then showcase your services.


The ideal way to create a video marketing plan is to focus on:

  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. What are the key challenges they are facing?
  3. What are other law firms doing? How can you position yourself uniquely to serve this market?
  4. What is the value your target audience is looking for?

Make sure your videos focus on these questions, and you can create video campaigns that have huge conversions.

Short and simple wins the game

Although legal terms and concepts take time to explain, the attention span on most social media platforms today is minimal. Depending on audience interest, focus on creating videos that are just the right length and get to the point quickly. For YouTube, attention spans tend to dwindle after the first 2 minutes, so the best way is to:

  1. Create a compelling introduction
  2. Summarize what you are going to cover, so the audience is more likely to stay on till the end even if the video is long
  3. Break the video into segments so that the audience can jump to the section they are most interested in and get information faster

So focus on being short and simple. Always remember, the objective of the video is to rouse curiosity and answer the simple questions but keep the audience hungry for more. Audiences who have specific requirements and questions often wish to speak to a knowledgable person and watch videos only to understand if you are the right person to talk to. 

Showcase facts and figures using slides

Creating a legal video is different from video marketing for other segments, mainly because the audience is looking for facts. So, make sure you include a lot of facts and figures in your slides. The ideal approach here would be to create a slideshow and use animations to ensure the audience understands complex concepts.

You can use online tools like a slideshow maker to add visually appealing elements to your videos. Instead of just a person speaking, having slides to explain the concepts adds enormous value to your video. If you are okay with sharing the slides with your audience, you may even add a small CTA to ensure you get leads from the interested audience and provide a download link once the form is filled.

Add captions to your videos

It may be startling to know, but many people prefer reading subtitles when watching videos, even if the audio quality is outstanding. According to research, 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute, and videos with subtitles get 91% more engagement than ones that do not have it. Captions also help in improving the SEO, as people are more likely to share, and it caters to a section of the audience the is deaf or hard of hearing. 

Especially for videos with infographics and slides, make sure you highlight the key points using captions so that the audience can understand the context and stay focused. The combination of audio and visual elements helps to create a more substantial recall value, and that is precisely what your video marketing is all about!   

Edit and optimize for social media platforms

While creating a video and promoting in on several social media platforms, it is crucial to understand how it plays out across multiple platforms. While you may think only of YouTube when creating videos, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others are also gaining strong engagement in the video content. 

In such a scenario, you must optimize and plan your videos for each platform. For example, if you have a detailed video about a particular topic, think about creating short snippets or promo videos for social media platforms to get the audience interested. Once the audience is interested, use an ad maker to promote your website or redirect the user to the more detailed video on Youtube, depending on where you want to target the audience to be.

Create professional-looking ads using an online ad maker

In conclusion, creating a video for promoting your legal practice is very similar to the way you’d speak with your prospect 1-1. It should be targeted towards a particular audience, and you need to build trust and showcase your expertise to win the right opportunities. There are several videos that you can create like: 

  • Explainer videos: Focusing on a particular problem and the legal ramifications
  • Testimonial videos: Videos which include client testimonials to help build trust and showcase how your firm has helped them
  • Video ads: Videos that promote your law firm or practice by outlining the services and other details like success stories, important cases, etc.

Give your videos a professional cut using ready-to-use templates for legal videos on online video ad makers. 

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