7 Tips to Maximize Compensation in Your Bicycle Injury Case

Statistics say that around 45 thousand bicyclists are either killed or injured each year in road traffic accidents. Even though you’re using your bicycle just to relax/ unwind or to commute over short distances, you are always at risk of being part of an accident – one that can result in you being injured.

Obviously, when you are involved in such an incident, your best call is to rely on a bicycle accident attorney that can handle your insurance claim for compensation.

However, there are some things that anyone going through an accident should do before they get in contact with a lawyer. Namely, as soon as the accident happened, and everyone involved in it is out of harm’s way.

So, here are seven of the things you can do to maximize the compensation in a bicycle injury case.

Time is Precious

As soon after the incident/ accident takes place, it is important that you contact a personal injury attorney. This is because, depending on the nature of your case, there might be time limits for filing a personal injury claim.

Inform yourself correctly on how much time you have to deal with a personal injury case and make sure that you don’t waste any time.

Gathering and Preserving Evidence

Obviously, if the accident is not a major one and you are not seriously injured, you can gather and preserve evidence while at the scene of the accident.

You could, for example, take photos of all the damage done, or collect the contact information of both drivers involved in the accident and witnesses/ pedestrians. Naturally, you should call the police so that they could write an official report.

You should gather and preserve such evidence because, in case you are going to court, then the jury is going to decide your case in accordance with the evidence they are provided with.

Medical Treatment when Needed

After the accident, if you are in pain, you should seek medical treatment. This is not only because you want the pain to go away, but because any medical records will help you get a better return, so to say, in your personal injury case.

As long as you have evidence of your injuries, provided to the court by a doctor or a healthcare professional, you will be compensated for any medical treatments.

Consider All Types of Damages

Keep in mind that a personal injury case is not limited to one type of damage only. You can get compensated even for emotional damages, pain, suffering, and so on.
It is not only your property – for example, bicycle, clothing, and so on – that is eligible for proper compensation in such a case.

Waiting for the Best Offer

As it is common in most personal injury cases, the insurance company that has to compensate you will try to settle the case for as little money/ compensation as possible. Even though you may be tempted to accept any sum that you feel happy with, you should still consult with an attorney before accepting any deals or settlements.

The sum offered by the insurance company might look good to you, but an aggressive and experienced personal injury attorney might get you even two or three times more than that if the case is dealt with appropriately.

Don’t Post Your Case on Social Media

As you know, anything you say or do might be used against you in the court of law! Given the age we are in, this statement applies to all social media as well.

For example, you’ll claim that you’re having a good time on social media but, when in front of the judges/ jury, you’ll claim that you are in grave pain and suffering. Not only this is contradictory to your entire personal injury case but doing such things will also bring your case down.

Mind Your Words

After an accident occurs, it is important that you know what you should say. You might feel sad for the driver that keeps on apologizing for hitting you, but anything in the lines of I’m fine or It’s ok, I’m good may prove devastating to your case.

None of the people involved in the accident might realize the importance of such words, but as soon as a lawyer tells them what power they have in front of the insurance companies, they’ll remember and use them against you.

For example, I’m all right can be considered an admission against interest – a remark that the insurance company can use to limit or even deny your claim.

Final Thoughts

In short, it is essential that you pay attention to your surroundings if you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident. Pay attention to all of the information you can use to make your case stronger and make sure that you don’t do or say anything that can make it weaker.

Naturally, an experienced bicycle accident attorney is a must!

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