Tips for Marketing Your Legal Practice

If you are looking to increase the client base for your legal practice, it’s important to work on your marketing strategies. Without proper marketing, you could be the best practice in your area and still get the least amount of new clients. No matter what kind of law you are practicing, you can utilize these tips to make your community and online presence more effective divorce attorney.

Center Everything Around Your Mission Statement

Having a mission statement is helpful when you’re trying to figure out a central idea for your marketing strategy. For example, if your firm or practice specializes in employment practice liability (EPL) cases, your goal may be to win more than the average 51% of cases that you bring to trial. If that’s the case, you can center your marketing on cases you’ve won and your goal of helping the plaintiffs that you represent.

Figure Out Your Demographic

Depending on the type of law you practice, you will be targeting a completely different demographic from a firm in another specialization. For example, if you’re a divorce attorney, you will be aiming your content towards those going through a divorce and are looking for tips, advice, and representation when it comes to their divorce. This could mean creating content to help someone figure out what to prepare before a divorce mediation session or what to expect in terms of child custody.

If your practice focuses on workers’ compensation cases, you will be targeting a broader demographic since anyone can get injured at work. If you have a more specialized form of workers’ compensation, such as blue-collar workers, you will have a smaller target demographic. Consider your typical client and center your marketing techniques around that group.

Set Specific and Achievable Goals

When you start figuring out your marketing strategy, you should be setting goals for every campaign that you begin. However, don’t fall into the trap of setting unachievable goals. You should try to set goals that are ambitious, but also keep in mind that most marketing strategies take time to work. Over time you can use your marketing to increase brand recognition and attract clients. Increasing brand recognition is an important part of making sure that a client will think to call your firm when they need your services, so you might be playing the long game when it comes to marketing.

Bring in the Professionals

Since you’re running a law firm and not a marketing firm, the odds are that you don’t have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to current marketing strategy and technique. You wouldn’t expect someone who is an expert in another field to be able to do your job perfectly, so why would you expect to be able to create and execute a perfect marketing plan? Hiring a marketing or PR firm to take care of your marketing strategy is a great way to ensure that you are getting the maximum possible results for your marketing.

Optimize Your Web Presence

Optimizing your online presence to rank higher in search engine results is called search engine optimization, or SEO. The process of SEO may take time to have a full effect, but a good place to start is including keywords related to your law practice.

If you’re a criminal defense attorney, including keywords related to your field can help your website rank higher on google. For example, you should try to include “criminal defense attorney” multiple times on your site’s home page and keep all of the content on your site centered around your cases and what you do.

Start a Blog

Having a blog on your site is a great way to increase your search engine optimization and create quality content for your site. You don’t have to update your blog very often, but having posts on there can be useful for search engine optimization if you make your content centered around a specific keyword, which you could then rank for. Onsite blogs are much more cost-effective than other traditional forms of marketing materials; on average, 1,000 views on a page comes out to cost $0.02, whereas a 300-word newspaper ad may cost $2.81 and reach an uninterested market.

If, for example, you’re a divorce firm in Philidelphia, you may want to rank higher on google for “Divorce attorney in Philidelphia” so that when someone looks up that phrase, they discover your firm. You can center a post around including this phrase, and over time it may start ranking for that word or phrase. You can also include the keyword in other posts that do not center around the phrase.

Use Social Media

With all of the social media platforms that are popular right now, you should be creating and posting content on at least one of them. If you have a blog on your website, you could center your social media posts on directing traffic to those blog posts, or you could use them as their own mini-blogs to attract potential customers to look at your site and the services that you offer.

Demonstrate Credibility

31% of people agree that the most important attribute a brand can have is trustworthiness. When it comes to getting legal help, your clients will be in agreement that if they can’t trust your firm or practice, they can’t trust that you will wind their case. Make sure that your marketing materials establish your credibility, whether that be talking about the percentage of cases that you’ve won or the years of experience that you and your team have. The more credibility that your firm can display, the more likely someone is to choose your firm over another firm.

No matter what kind of law you’re practicing, it’s important to optimize your marketing tactics to get more clients. Whether you’re a practicing divorce attorney, workers’ compensation lawyer, or criminal attorney, you should be looking at your presence online and in your community in order to make sure you’re getting as many clients as possible.

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