Top 5 Issues that Require a Business Immigration Lawyer

The year 2020 has been unprecedented for a number of reasons, but U.S. immigration law has gone through a number of changes, some due to the pandemic, and others are due to aggressive moves by the current administration.

Whether you are a business owner or manager that recruits from abroad, an investor from a foreign country that wants to do business in the United States, or you make your living importing and exporting to and from the U.S., you may require the advice of business immigration lawyers. Here are five situations where you absolutely should have a business attorney.

1. Work Visa Applications

If you hire foreign workers for various specialties, you’re going to need the required visas from the U.S. Department of State. In your application, you need to be specific about the class of the laborer, whether they are a doctor, an engineer, or even a temporary agricultural worker. Work visa classifications look like alphabet soup to the uninitiated and the application process can be even more confusing. A business immigration lawyer can help.

2. Visitation Related to Business

When you host an in-person meeting, summit, etc., you may have business visitors from other countries. Depending on their point of origin, you may require B-1 visas, temporary business visitor visas, for the attendees. These visas will allow your guests to visit your business, attend conferences, attend conventions, etc.

3. Family Immigration for Your Employees

Many workers come to the U.S. without their families with the intent of bringing them over later on an intermittent or permanent basis. Your employer may be covered by their work visa or green card, but their family members are treated separately by the Department of State. Immediate family members may be permitted to come to the U.S. if your employee is here on an extended basis.

4. Change of Status

It’s not uncommon for workers who are here on a temporary basis to seek their green card or for green card workers to apply for U.S. citizenship. These are difficult times for changes of immigrant status, but a business immigration lawyer can help you or your employees navigate the difficult waters of immigration status changes.

5. Company Transfers

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to be multi-national. If you have offices in two or more countries, you may need to transfer a manager or employee from one country to another. A business immigration lawyer can assist you with the work visas and other documentation necessary to move to or from the United States.

Remember: The Laws are Changing

Right now, immigration law in the U.S. is moving fast. You may have had no issues getting a work visa for your employees a year ago only to find that it’s next to impossible to getting one now. After the beginning of the pandemic, President Trump made dozens of permanent and temporary changes to immigration and travel policy through Presidential Proclamation. If you are trying to do business in this environment, you need the advice of a Business Immigration Lawyer.

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