Top Reasons You May Need A Trademark Attorney

If you have established a brand that you are understandably proud of, you should be concerned with protecting it. Even though a trademark can give you the ultimate peace of mind in knowing your hard work is well protected from anyone seeking to infringe on your brand or even your logo, the lengthy process of registration for a trademark can be undeniably frustrating and challenging. What’s more, without the help of a professional trademark attorney, you definitely won’t be receiving any tailor-made legal advice for your specific situation if you have decided to go through the process alone. Here are the top reasons why you should rather opt for the benefits that a trademark attorney can provide you rather than having to deal with a major headache throughout the process.

Assistance With Assessing A Trademark Search

If you feel you have developed a fantastic product and been able to give it an attractive name, you will need to do a trademark search to conclude whether or not your ideas have already been taken by someone else. This will also help you prevent opting for a name that is a bit too similar to others and what more efficient way to do so than with the help of a professional attorney that will be able to assess the results for you and discuss the proceedings of the process.

Give Your Brand The Ultimate Protection

A trademark will basically serve as the cornerstone of your company and help distinguish you from competitors. Even though you may feel confident about your brand and your logo, it would be wise to take advantage of an experienced attorney that will be able to provide an analysis of your logo and give your important feedback as to whether or not your brand is strong enough. In addition to this, your attorney will also help you create a long-term plan to protect your brand. Acquiring a trademark through the use of a trademark attorney will ensure you that you will effectively be able to afford the costly situation of having to rebrand later on.

Avoid Potentially Missing Registration Deadlines

Building a brand would understandably make you quite the busy working professional, which means that you just may miss the important registration deadlines. You will also need to renew your trademark within roughly six years after the initial registration. There’s no doubt that this minor detail that may be somewhat easy to forget could essentially be detrimental. This is why you should rather focus your attention on building your brand and leave the business of remembering registration deadlines to a professional attorney.

Save Money In The Long Run

As an attorney will be able to suggest which aspects of your brand will need the protection of a trademark and which won’t, while also ensuring the process is handled correctly from the start, you won’t be paying any additional fees. If you risk the process alone, you could potentially end up spending more than you have to.

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  1. Alicia owens says:

    When you have a concept for a company name, you should engage a trademark attorney. This is due to the fact that a trademark attorney should conduct a search on your name and offer you with an opinion on whether or not it is safe to use.

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