Trouble in Transit: Recovering Damages from a Taxicab Accident

Taxi-cab accidents are commonplace, especially in big cities. In some cases, victims may be able to recover damages. Taxi-cab accidents can occur in a couple of different ways: A taxi could hit another vehicle or pedestrian, or a passenger could sustain injuries if a taxi is involved in an accident.

Regardless of whether a taxi is involved in an accident, victims may be able to file a claim for any injuries they suffer. However, it may be more challenging to recover the damages. Because they rely on the ability to operate a taxi to earn a living, taxi drivers are more likely to contest claims made against them than other drivers.

How Taxi-Cab Accident Cases Work

Depending on the nature of a taxi-cab crash, there are different ways to recover damages as an accident victim.

In the event that a passenger is injured in a taxi that’s involved in an accident with another vehicle, the injured passenger can typically prove negligence more easily than injured parties who are outside of the taxi. These are also the most common circumstances in passenger vehicle accident cases, and the key reason it’s easier for injury victims is because passengers don’t need to prove liability. Even if the taxi driver isn’t negligent or responsible for the accident, injured passengers may be able to file a third-party insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit against the offending drivers. The insurance company and drivers can then determine liability. If injury victims choose to file a lawsuit, a traffic crash lawyer may also be able to build a claim and prove negligence.

Things can become more complicated if a taxi hits another vehicle and causes injuries to the driver and other occupants. The injured parties will need to be able to prove both liability and damages. Liability refers to who was responsible for the accident, while damages determine the severity of injuries sustained. If victims can prove that the taxi driver was negligent, they may be able to recover monetary compensation.

Steps to Take After a Taxi-Cab Accident

Immediately following any kind of car accident, including a taxi-cab crash, it’s important for victims to collect as much information as possible. If there are no serious injuries requiring immediate treatment, accident victims can collect insurance details, license plates, and contact information at the scene.

Additionally, taking pictures or recording video footage of the damages and scene is crucial. This evidence can help support a claim whether filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit.

The next step for victims to take is to contact the police and request an officer at the scene, which can lead to the creation of an official police report that may further support a claim.

If a taxi hits another driver’s vehicle, that driver can then file a third-party insurance claim with the taxi driver’s insurer or file a lawsuit. For passengers who were injured while riding in a taxi, it’s possible to file claims with the insurers of each of the drivers involved.

Keeping all of these aspects in mind can help prepare drivers and passengers in the event of a taxi-cab accident.

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