Types of Lawyers and When You Need One

There are different kinds of attorneys-at-law serving the public; yet, their jobs vary. If you are looking for a legal representative to represent you, you have to know which one to choose to take on your legal issue. One of the first things you should consider though when deciding on a barrister to represent your cause is that the person is qualified in the area that you need help in. 

Here is a list of the different types of barristers available to you if you need a legal counselor to represent you.

Public interest lawyer

A public interest lawyer’s job is to help the public as best as possible. One way in which a public interest lawyer aids society is by representing individuals that are unable to put up any money for proper legal representation. The lawyer represents him or her by means of a legal aid organization or other nonprofit associations. In addition, the lawyer can prepare legislation designed to transform the legal process in the country. Public interest lawyers are usually paid less salary in the legal industry.

Government lawyers

Government lawyers are trained in various ways to cover certain aspects of government business. Each lawyer in this category can specialize in a single area of government, such as local, state or federal. They give advice to governmental bodies concerning tax legislation, discrimination, justice, employment, and the environment. In addition, they are responsible to draft subordinate legislations as well as handling criminal and civil litigation matters. Other duties assigned to a government lawyer are to write legal documents, represent the government in international matters, defend and/or prosecute court cases and direct government senior personnel concerning how to prepare debates and proposed bills.

Criminal lawyer

Criminal lawyers are legal representatives that specialize in criminal cases. The two types of criminal lawyers are defense lawyers and prosecutors. Prosecutors work for the state and are responsible to bring criminals to justice. The defense attorneys, on the other hand, represent those accused of criminal charges in the courtroom and are paid by private persons who employ their services. If you’ve been accused wrongly of a criminal offense, such as drug charges for example, then these are the lawyers that you want on your side. A drug defense lawyer will be able to assess the situation and identify all options available to you immediately. Having a specialized attorney on your side through this trying time is extremely beneficial compared to having one that practices in a wider field. This attorney is experienced and knowledgeable in all criminal matters and therefore will see to it that all your bases are covered. Apart from being an expert in criminal law, the attorney is knowledgeable in matters concerning the issuance of a bail bond, arrest pleas, arraignment, and other criminal subjects.

Private sector lawyer

A private-sector lawyer works only for law firms and private companies. Since they are so much in demand by companies, they usually earn more money than public sector lawyers. This kind of lawyer may work solo in a private office setting or can work with a group of lawyers in a law firm. Still, the ones that work alone can practice various types of general law in an effort to broaden his or her clientele, which will result in him or her making more money. These private-sector lawyers can cover a number of work-related areas while executing their duties such as civil litigation suits, commercial cases, malpractice suits, and divorce as well as child custody matters. 

Contract lawyer

If you have a contract-related matter to deal with, you will need to consult with a contract lawyer to help you sort out such issues. Whether you are dealing with contracts that have to do with issues surrounding employees, work, building, insurance and so on, a contract lawyer is your best friend to have around. This type of lawyer is an expert in understanding and dealing with all contractual issues that you might find challenging.

A social security disability lawyer

Some people find it difficult to navigate the social security disability system and so they turn to a trained lawyer that delves into such matters to handle their affairs for them. Some job description of the social security disability lawyer involves appealing a decision passed that denies you the right to receive certain benefits and addressing anything that has to do with the termination or reduction of your benefits. If you are applying for a social security disability benefit, the social security system in place is more likely to grant you your request if you are getting representation from a qualified lawyer in the field. The lawyer can present your case to the relevant people and seek the best results that will be most favorable to you.

Civil litigation lawyer

The civil litigation lawyer will act on your behalf if you are experiencing a problem with another person and want it dealt with by the court. This means that you can sue someone or someone can sue you. Either way, you will need a civil litigation lawyer to assist you in reaching a favorable decision. Litigation lawyers can do various things and may function in different areas that have to do with litigation issues. For example; a corporate litigation lawyer can take care of anything that has to do with any commercial litigation issues that might arise in your life.

A general practice lawyer

A general practice lawyer is one that accepts different kinds of legal issues on a broad range. However, a general practice lawyer can specialize in various law areas that are most suitable to him or her. Therefore, when seeking assistance from a general practice lawyer, it’s best to find out what branch of general law that he or she specializes in before going ahead and employing him or her to serve your needs.

Immigration lawyer

If you are desirous of wanting to migrate to another country, to make it easier to do so, it’s best that you consult an immigration lawyer to help you make the transition. This type of lawyer is an expert on all immigration matters such as visa applications, citizenship, deportation issues, green cards, refuge or asylum, and non-citizenship employment matters. Most people, however, employ an immigration lawyer to help with matters pertaining to immigration issues, mainly because they themselves are unable to understand all of the requirements that fall under immigration law.   

When do you need the intervention of an attorney?

You need to employ an expert lawyer for a number of reasons. Take for example; you might meet up with divorce, contracts, real estate, litigation, or immigration issues as well as many other legal matters that might prove challenging for you to overcome on your own. The employment. therefore of a lawyer that can deal with such matters and can act on your behalf will be beneficial to you.

Choosing an attorney-at-law to help in your legal matters is advantageous to you in a number of ways. Your legal issues will be dealt with better and your stress levels will decrease as well as someone will be taking on the hard part of the battle for you. Although, it would be wise to look for recommendations and read testimonials of past clients before hiring a lawyer to have your back. You have to be sure that the one you get will be committed to your cause and not just burden you even more with their bills. 

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