What Are Personal Injuries and What Personal Injury Lawyers Can Do For You

If you have been hurt and it was not your fault, what will be your course of action? At this point, it is always a good idea to have a look at what is personal injuries law. The personal injury is a legal term that includes injury to your body, emotions and psychological disorders.

This law comes into action when you suffer from any of above but event or accident that caused those injuries was happened not because of you. Detailed investigations are required to determine who was responsible or had a duty to care and may result in legal proceedings.

Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries are broadly classified in three categories and if you look for the legal proceedings, the investigations will be made as per the type or types of injuries.

Bodily Harm. Easiest to investigate as these injuries are visible and if you prove innocent, the guilty party will be responsible to pay current medical bills and also for all expenses that are expected to be paid in future like home care or further surgeries.

Pain and adversity. A bit tricky to investigate and a detailed review of mental health professionals will be required to determine the intensity

Psychological or Emotional Effects. The most difficult injury to detect and requires to determine how an accident has changed or affected the lifestyle of a person

Causes of Personal Injuries

Let’s have a brief look at what are the most common causes of personal injuries.

Road Accidents. Roads or auto accidents are the major cause of personal injuries. This factor includes motorcycle, bicycle, truck, car, pedestrian or any type of accident that involves a vehicle.

Workplace Injuries. Mostly refers to industrial sites especially construction sites but overall, this includes any kind of accident that causes injury to you.

Slip or Trip. Slip, trip or fall, this term applies to you regardless of the place where this happens. You may get a personal injury by slipping or tripping while walking on the roads, enjoying in parks, shopping in malls or markets, visiting a public place like airports or railway station, etc.

Medical Negligence. Personal injuries can also be caused by medical negligence during surgeries or medical treatments.

Defective Products. If you buy a product that was not manufactured as per safety standards or has deficiencies, it may cause personal injury if you use the product.

What is The Role of Personal Injuries Lawyers?

If you have been physically or psychologically injured due to the negligence of someone else and seeking legal assistance for claims, that legal assistance will be provided by the personal injuries lawyer. The negligence can be made by a person, government agency, organization or any other entity.

 How PI Lawyers Proceed the Claims

  • As soon as you contact a lawyer for claims, the process starts with getting details about the accident. The details will include what happened and all details related to the incident.
  • The next step is to determine who was responsible for the accident. If you were also at fault, your claim amount will be reduced by the percentage of your involvement.
  • In the third step, the number of damages will be determined based on the injuries you suffered and how these have affected you financially.
  • Now lawyers start negotiations with other parties to settle the claim. You may receive an offer to and will be given 21 days to accept, reject or make a counteroffer.
  • If both parties don’t come to the point of settlement, the case will be referred to court and judges will decide based on evidence and information provided by personal injuries lawyers.

Choosing The Best For You

You will find several good personal injury lawyers in Dallas – Fort Worth. However, you should look for the following characteristics in a lawyer:

  • The first thing you need to know is the track record of the lawyer. Obviously, you want someone who has a great winning record
  • Check the reputation of that firm. Are they among the top lawyers and have been recommended by the other people?
  • Check if they offer multiple services as your case may not only be related to personal injury law.
  • You should go for the lawyers that have “No win, No fee” policy and don’t charge initial consultancy as well. However, you must check if they have enough resources to fight the case.

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