What Are the Odds of Getting into a Motorcycle Accident?

The odds of getting into a motorcycle accident exceed those of getting into a regular motor accident.

According to researchers, motorcyclists rank at the top for vulnerability to accidents and injuries. In addition, the growing mortality rate of motorcycle accident victims exceeds any other group of vehicle operators, and motorcycle accidents often generate devastating injuries, lifelong disability, and traumatic brain injuries that rank among the most severe accident cases.


Clinical Motorcycle Accident Study

One clinical study of motorcycle accident victims surveyed 4,025 motorcyclist trauma victims. Scientists determined that most victims were male and aged close to 30 years old. Moreover, pedestrian and car collisions were the most common type of injury.

Car injuries occurred in 68% of cases, and pedestrians were injured in 22% of the cases. Head injuries surpassed all other injuries for the motorcyclists and other people accidentally injured. Motorcyclists usually received two or more injuries of unprotected limbs and the head. Wearing a helmet meant more protection for the drivers from head injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

The study concluded that motorcycle injuries were more severe and common than car injuries. Head injuries lead to all types of injuries, and wearing a helmet protects the driver considerably. Motorcycle drivers also need to drive more carefully and avoid responding to challenges on the road.

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International Study of Motorcycle Accidents

If you want to learn how things are beyond our borders, an international study concluded the following points:

  • Motorcycle accidents pose a clear danger to operators that needs to be addressed.
  • Operator behavior is primarily responsible for most motorcycle accidents.
  • More and more motorcycles are registered each year, so the problems will only become more extensive.
  • Safety officials ‘major goals are improving the operator’s visual field and increasing driver alertness.
  • Speed remains the top cause of motorcycle accidents as a subset of predator behavior.

The study that reached these conclusions examined 104 scientific articles published between 1981 and 2019: 22 articles addressed speeding, 25 studied the visibility issue, 24 articles examined operator alertness, and 33 articles examined other topics related to motorcycle accidents.

Human-error Safety Issues

Motorcycle operators and passengers enjoy the dubious honor of having the highest risk of death and extreme injuries in an accident. According to the NTSB, the following safety issues contribute to the high odds of having a motorcycle accident. The issues include:

  • Lack of adequate crash warning and protective measures
  • Braking and stability issues
  • Lax licensing procedures
  • Alcohol and drug use

A great percentage of motorcycle accidents are caused simply by operator failure:

  • Operators don’t stay alert enough to detect crash risks and develop countermeasures to prevent accidents.
  • Braking often is required because of speeding, and drivers lose a measure of control when braking suddenly.
  • As a result, stable rides often become destabilized.
  • Many operators haven’t learned how to control and operate a motorcycle safely.

Easy to figure out, all these safety risks become greater when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Showing off and taking risks also plays a prominent role in accidents.

The conclusion thus far is that you can (and should) head out on the highway but drive safely. If you do get involved in an accident in Virginia, for instance, contact a professional motorcycle accident lawyer in Virginia. Do the same for any state you live in or pass through. An attorney can protect you from false liability claims and ensure that you get a fair settlement for injuries that weren’t your fault. Even if you are at fault, a lawyer can protect your rights and help you navigate traffic violations, penalties, and charges easier and more successfully.

Aligning the Odds in Your Favor

Taking a proactive role in motorcycle safety can ensure you many hours of motorcycle time in one of the greatest freedoms of the road. Traveling by motorcycle can be fun, adventuresome, and appealing to the “bad boy” element that everyone admires to some extent. Shifting the odds in your favor is a classic survival strategy, and there’s no sensible reason you can’t operate your motorcycle safely. In other words, always follow the laws and rules, wear protective gear, don’t engage in reckless driving behaviors, and always have your motorcycle accident lawyer on speed dial.


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