What is Bail Jumping?

In the past few years the term bail jumping has been used more and more. With that in mind, it’s important to know if bail jumping is a crime or not. That can really make all the difference, and results themselves can be varied and nothing short of extraordinary.

What is Bail Jumping?

Bail jumping is a process in which a person that was released via bail tries to evade the court appearance. They usually do that in order to avoid the sentence, conviction or anything similar to that. While bail jumping is not always going to happen, there are situations when the person in question will not do this kind of stuff. That’s why the bail system was created in the first place, to avoid this type of issue from happening.

Is Bail Jumping illegal?

As you can imagine, bail jumping is a crime. You are required to come to court and the bail system was designed to help you stay free at least for a little while. Unfortunately if you don’t come to the court date and you choose to skip court, you are forfeiting many benefits and that alone can be quite the problem more often than not. If anything, this will add another sentence to your trial. That’s why you should always avoid bail jumping, as it’s not ok to do and it will bring even more problems instead of solving any issue.

Even if it might not always add charges, you will need to face penalties and you also need to realize that this might also forfeit the bond. So you will end up being hunted by the police, you will lose bail money and all that stuff while also having to pay the amount back. While it might not seem a major problem at first, it will certainly become one and you have to take your time to figure out how to manage everything in a professional manner. Every bail bonds company want to avoid bail jumping to happen, because after person is released from jail,  they take full risk, that he or she will appear on court dates.

Will a person have to stay in jail for Bail Jumping?

It all comes down to the amount of time that person jumped bail in the first place. Usually this will resort to around 30 days spent in jail. Other times the jurisdiction in question sees bail skipping as a felony and the person will have to stay more time behind bars. That’s why it’s pretty much mandatory to focus on meeting every court date and not do any bail jumping. It will be quite the issue, and you really want to avoid any problems that might arise.

Bail jumping is something punishable and most of the time it will bring major issues for the person in question. Make sure that you always meet the court date and avoid any penalties or problems that come with Bail jumping. You’re not doing anything good if you are skipping court, you just end up with even more penalties. That’s why jumping court is bad and the best thing you can do is to meet court dates!

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