What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law or tort law provides legal ground for compensation from physical, economic, emotional, or reputational injuries because of another person’s negligent or intentional conduct. The injured party must prove that there was an infringement for there to be compensation. While there is often strict liability for some torts, many require proving that the accused is legally liable. 

Unfortunately, the burden of proof falls on the injured party. Therefore, it is advisable to seek a personal injury attorney’s services to prove that an act or omission of an act is the legal cause of the injury. The injury lawyer is also crucial in helping you get awarded the right value of loss in damages. 


Injuries are not straight forward happenings that can be deciphered on the spot as the injured party gets justly compensated. The process is complicated. The parties involved, the defendant, the plaintiff and insurance companies, also complicate the situation. While the law is there to protect all the parties involved and ensure justice is served, certain factors can obstruct this outcome. You need the best personal injury attorney schlacterlaw.com to defend your case to find the best legal remedy. 

Why is a Personal Injury Lawyer Important

The minute you file for an insurance claim concerning your injury, the insurance company forwards your case to their lawyers to evaluate your case. These lawyers will downplay your injuries to reduce the damage value. Those lawyers can also prove that the tort is not legally recognizable to cause harm. The insurance company can then deny your claim based on their lawyers’ findings. 

Insurance companies know that not everyone understands the laws and procedures involved when making a personal injury claim. Additionally, when you are injured, you are overwhelmed with bills, recuperation, and life adjustments. The last thing you need is to chase an insurance company for compensation. 

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Therefore, letting a personal injury law firm do the chasing for you is a smart move. Your personal injury attorney not only knows the time limit of your injury claims but also knows how much money your personal claim is worth. The injury lawyer also knows the ins and outs of injury law because that is their specialization area. Therefore, you can trust them to put your interests first.

Having an injury attorney is your best shot at getting compensated. The injury lawyer is fully versant with the legal system, and the relevant parties find justice swiftly. Your attorney will help you see the magnitude of the infraction through the eyes of the law. Your lawyer also has the tools needed to interact with the parties involved simplifying the process for you.

Aside from compensation, the injury lawyer dissects your case to find admissible evidence against the accused. The attorney also faces the personal injury defense lawyer to deter their counterclaims and crossclaims. 

Is There a Difference Between a Personal Injury Law Firm and an Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury law firm has plenty of resources to help you get your claim faster. Aside from the pool of talent, skills, and experience working for you, the firm has connections with your case’s relevant stakeholders. The legal team of experts works together, exchanging ideas and knowledge concerning their practice, making them the best representatives for your case. With a personal injury law firm, you are guaranteed a swift compensation process. 

On the other hand, an individual injury lawyer working by themself may get overwhelmed by the amount of work in their docket. A burn out can make them not give their all while representing you. Remember, the process of chasing insurance claims is not for the faint. Therefore, it is much more advantageous to seek the services of a personal injury law firm. 

What does Injury Law define as an Injury?

An injury is harm suffered by a claimant because of action(s)or the lack thereof of the accused justifying a civil tort claim or a criminal prosecution. There are a couple of injuries that fit this description. 

  1. Accidents: automobile, motorcycle, bicycle cause significant injuries. Similarly, accidents can occur when the claimant is a pedestrian. Accidents also include slip and fall incidences and medical malpractice. 
  2. Deliberate acts: intentional acts that cause injury on the claimant or their property. They include but are not limited to assault and battery, rape, sexual offenses, larceny, professional negligence leading to wrongful death and emotional, mental, and physical injuries, and wrongful work termination or work-related injuries.
  3. Defective products and services: For instance, harmful or expired ingredients, faulty devices. They also include products that cause environmental pollution or toxic tort. 
  4. Defamation: statements that harm your reputation or your business name. For example, copyright infringement.

So long as your personal injury firm can prove that there was an infraction, you are entitled to legal remedy. Your legal representation will see to it that the defendant awards you damages. Some injuries can also lead to the defendant’s criminal prosecution if they fall under criminal offenses such as rape, theft, and assault and battery.

Are Personal Injury Attorney’s Expensive?

The best personal injury attorney will give you a free consultation. The consultation helps you see if the accused is legally liable. The lawyer’s advice lets you see the loopholes in your claim and presents you with options. 

The charges for legal representation will apply once you get your full compensation. The fees are a small percentage of what you will gain as compensation. There is no losing with an injury lawyer in your corner. 

Get a Personal Lawyer for Your Injury Claims

In case there is a civil wrong that causes you harm, you need to find an experienced personal injury attorney to help you recover your losses. Do not fight alone because you may lose the case.

Although most torts have a lower burden of proof, the value of your damage may be reduced depending on the personal injury defense lawyer’s case. Remember, you need to prove that the defendant has a legal liability to be awarded damages. It is better to have a lawyer for personal injury than to go through the entire process alone. 

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