What Must You Ask Your Visa Immigration Lawyer on the First Meet?

Let us cut to chase and tell you that immigration can be a cumbersome process. It is not like shifting your base from one city to another. Also, moving in between cities is not an easy process.

There are several factors that drive the move and many things to take care of. Now imagine the hassle on a more extensive scale.

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We are talking about an international relocation, and it is thus, safe to assume that it is not without challenges.

Moving overseas for new opportunities definitely brings unadulterated joy and excitement. But the legal complications that one needs to navigate through to get to it are quite taxing.

One way to ease this demanding process is by hiring an attorney who knows the ins and outs of this space. It is incredibly important that you choose the right immigration lawyer for you and make the transition easy for you.


That said, there are a few questions that you must ask the attorney the first time you both meet.

These are some of the most deciding questions that can determine if a lawyer is worth your time, energy and money.

Let us now look at these questions and understand their purpose in the light of the topic.

What Must Your Questions be Based Upon?

You might want to mull over some points before you frame your questions. The essence of your questions must revolve around the points we have mentioned below-

  • Focusing on diverse immigration cases
  • Related to professional organizations concerning immigration
  • Ones that determine the moral compass of the attorney
  • Ones that check the attorney’s capability to handle your case

Now that we have brushed upon the important points regarding the questions, we shall look at the questions in details.

Ask Your Attorney If He Has a Specialization in Visas and Family Immigration

The first important question to ask is if the attorney is specialized to handle visas and family immigration. Visas could be complex, and so is the process of family immigration.

Your lawyer must be well-versed with this part of immigration. Also, note that immigration laws are prone to changes.

Therefore, your lawyer must be able to register these changes to handle your case better. With reference to visas and family immigration, see to it that they can deal with the changes.

See that they are updated with the changes, if any, and are capable enough to implement them to your case. It is advisable to opt for a lawyer from a reputed law firm.

One of the Brudner Law Attorneys could be the right fit in such a case. Allow yourself some time to look them up.

Ask Your Lawyer If He Has Been Reprimanded at Any Point in Time

Another crucial question to ask your lawyer is whether he/she/they have been reprimanded or punished for dishonesty. Immigration is an arduous process and lawyers might at times want to take shortcuts to the process.

And while they do so, they might even find themselves on the wrong side of the law. It is, therefore, essential for you to check whether your lawyer is clean about the same.

It is unwise to go forward with the hiring process if your lawyer does not have the right moral compass.

There is no saying that he will not scam you or push you into complications. Hiring a lawyer with a diabolical history might ruin your chances of immigrating.

That is why it is important that you ask the lawyer the right question and save yourself from trouble.

Has Your Attorney Handled a Situation Similar to Yours?

The third question that you must pose is about his capability of handling a case similar to your own. Run a background check of his past and success rates.

Ask the attorney the question directly and scrutinize the answers with your data. This will provide you with some insight into his expertise and mode of work.

If you find that the lawyer has handled similar cases and has had success before, go ahead. However, if that is not the case, it might be your cue to look for other lawyers.

It is advisable to work with an attorney who has enough experience with similar cases to get the best outcome.

This will not only quicken the process, but also make you immune to any legal complications arising out of the case.

Check How Long Your Attorney Has Been Associated with Immigration Law

Experience always makes for a huge difference, especially if it is something like immigration that we are dealing with.

You want the best attorney for your case. Lawyers who have been in the field for a long time have enough experience to deal with any case.

They can handle the complexities, any collateral issues, whatsoever, related to the case. And that is why you must opt for a lawyer who has seasoned enough.

How do you understand if your lawyer is seasoned enough? Besides the success stories, also ask your lawyer how many years of experience he has in the field.

If he has experience enough to assure you, go ahead. Always remember to follow your gut; it shall not lie to you.

Ask about Your Chances of Success

The final thing that you must ask your visa immigration lawyer is the rate of success for your case. It is better to stay in the loop and be prepared to deal with the outcomes, rather than getting your hopes dashed.

Always ask your lawyer the question very clearly and tell him to be honest. You are going to pay the attorney a lot of money for the whole process.

And this is even if the rate of success is low. That is why it is your right to ask and know every detail related to the case.

Your attorney must be able to tell you honestly about the time required to file the applications. He must also be able to inform you whether your visa stands a chance.

Wrapping Up:

The questions that we mentioned above are just some of the most important questions to ask your attorney when you meet them.

These are the ones that will help you determine if the lawyer is suitable for you or not. Remember to get your facts clarified and ask the right questions before you hire the lawyer. Immigration is a complicated procedure.

That is why you need to hire the right person to ease the process and make the transition smooth.

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