What Should You Spend On SEO For A Family Law Firm?

Marketing a family law firm is a unique challenge compared to other practice areas. Divorce lawyer marketing strategy is a different approach from other areas like personal injury, business law, or criminal defense.

If a family law firm website does not appear high enough in the Google search engine result ranks, it is definitely missing on a swerve of opportunities to convert potential clients into sales.

A family law firm needs to have a prominent presence in the search engine to enhance its reputation and increase the client base.

The following are specifics on what to spend on SEO for a family law firm for the most effective family law marketing:

Google AdWords

You should spend on Google AdWords or Pay Per Click. This is advertising in Google search so that when a potential client searches your local area for a divorce lawyer or a family lawyer your firm’s website shows up.  They will click on it, and they will call to set up a consultation.

  • You can count on Google AdWords as a source of potential clients each month
  • It offers a high return on investment
  • The traffic of clients it generates are ready to hire a lawyer
  • You can count on Google AdWords to start converting clients immediately

When set-up properly, Google AdWords will have your family law firm swiftly start getting calls from potential clients who are in imminent need of a divorce lawyer.

It is a quicker return on investment than a more long-term marketing strategy like search engine optimization which may take a while to show results.

Google AdWords requires the right setup, and minimal room for errors; otherwise a family law firm won’t find success in it. Experience matters here —it takes a lot of time and effort to navigate AdWords to properly optimize an ad campaign.

For example, you have to add negative keywords. This will ensure your website ad is excluded from appearing in irrelevant search queries.


Content is a pillar of good SEO. A family law firm should spend on filling its website with relevant, well-written, lengthy content about its practice. The content should include blog articles and practice area pages which should be specific and extensive.

Include several practice pages instead of one practice area page that simply contains an overview of the kinds of cases the firm handles. Digest every aspect of your family law practice each on its own page. For example, include a page on divorce, child support, spousal support, child custody, division of wealth, etc.

You can go ahead and expound further with pages on paternity actions, business valuation, mediations, contested divorces, ownership, uncontested divorces, etc.

A family law site will rank better in Google for specific terms if it has more specific pages. You will not rank for specific terms if there is only one page that features all the types of cases your firm handles.

Besides practice pages, write blog posts to answer common frequently asked questions. You can get clues of questions to answer in blog posts from what you get asked by clients during intakes. These blog posts will build a library of informative content which will make a family law website a good resource for visitors.

Link Building

Link building is getting other websites to link to your website. Google’s algorithm is in strong favor of the quantity and quality of links that come into a site from other websites. For example, if a family law site has a lot of links coming from other reputable websites, Google interprets that the website is of good quality. Therefore, it ranks the site higher in search results.

A single link to a family law website from a trusted website that Google highly ranks is of significantly more value than hundreds of links from sites that Google interprets are low-quality.

It takes a lot of effort and time to get high-quality links from reputable websites.

Mobile Friendly

Today, smartphones and other mobile internet-enabled devices are mostly used to access information from the internet. So, a potentially large number of clients will use mobile devices to access a family law website.

You should spend on optimizing your family law website for mobile searches. The online content should be easy to scan and read on a mobile device just as it is on a computer screen. Mobile SEO is as important as desktop SEO.

Work with an SEO expert to ensure a family law site is visible in both desktop and mobile searches.

The website should be easily usable on a mobile phone or tablet. The dimensions of the site should automatically conform to the dimensions of mobile devices. The best practice is not to create two distinct websites one for mobile devices and another for desktops. Instead, have one family law website that looks great on any device.

Implementing the above-discussed family law marketing tactics for SEO will ensure a family law firm gets the types of cases it handles and will grow successfully.

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