What to Do If Someone Hits Your Car and Drives Off

Not everyone does what they’re supposed to after getting into a car accident. Believe it or not, an estimated 682,000 hit and run accidents happen every year in the United States. You need to know what to do in case it happens to you.

If you don’t know what to do if someone hits your car and drives off, this post will help. Follow the steps below so you can get your car accident taken care of.

1. Stay at the Scene

Did you see the person that hit your car and ran off? If so, it might be tempting to get back in your car and go after them.

Don’t make this mistake.

Make sure you stay at the scene of an accident if the other person drives away. You need to gather all the information you can there.

2. Call the Police

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime. You need to inform the police if this happens to you.

The police report will give you an official record of the accident. The police officers will gather evidence at the scene when they make their report. If they find the right evidence, they may be able to track down the other driver.

3. Look for Witnesses

Many hit and run accidents won’t happen in areas where there aren’t any people. The chances are that there were people around who saw what happened.

Make sure to check the area to see if there was anyone who saw what happened. The witnesses will need to give a report to the police officers who arrive at the scene. You may also find someone that saw the license plate of the person who fled the scene.

4. Take Pictures of the Damage

Once the police arrive on the scene, it’s a matter of gathering all the evidence you can is the accident. One of the best ways to do this is to take pictures of the damage to your car.

Make sure to find all damaged areas on your car. Don’t stick to only the part that got hit. There can always be hidden damage that isn’t visible at a glance.

5. File an Insurance Claim

Once you file your report and gather evidence, it’s time to file a claim with the insurance company. In the beginning, you need to first notify your insurance provider that an accident happened. Whether or not you’ll file with them depends on if the police find the other driver.

Even if you gather all the right evidence, you could still run into issues getting your damages paid for. Get in touch with a car accident lawyer if you need help working with the insurance companies.

Now You Know What to Do If Someone Hits Your Car and Drives Off

By now, you should know what to do if someone hits your car and drives off. Make sure to follow all the steps above so you can give your insurance company everything they need to handle your claim. The last thing you want is to miss a small detail and not be able to get your car fixed.

If your insurance company is giving you problems with your claim, it might be time to call in an expert to help. Head back to our blog to learn how you can find the perfect lawyer for your case.

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