What To Do if You Fall Accidentally on the Bicycle Lane?

Biking represents great exercise, and riding bikes can generate lots of fun for riders. You can explore your town up closer, and except for a few grouches, pedestrians are supportive and friendly. However, you could suffer real injuries from collisions with bikes as a pedestrian.

According to insurance experts, cycling accidents with pedestrians can result in severe injuries for both the pedestrian and bike rider. Bike damage is likely, and all these things cost money.


Fortunately, forward-thinking bicyclists can get bike insurance that pays off for injuries and property damage, just like auto liability insurance. Many companies offer all types of bike insurance nationwide. Responsible cyclists can get personalized offers on liability protection, accidental damage coverage, damage, theft, and coverage due to loss in transit.

Regular auto insurance companies often offer bike coverage as a rider to regular auto insurance policies. More and more adult riders are choosing insurance because people could be held personally liable for any injuries resulting from a collision.

What to Do if You Fall Across a Bike Lane

Hopefully, you are still mobile enough after a fall that you can move out of the lane. If there is some biking event, you could be hit and injured by one or multiple bicycles. The procedures are the same for an auto accident. Get medical help first if you’re injured. Other actions include:

  • Calling the police to report an accident and injury
  • Getting contact information from the biker and asking them about insurance coverage
  • Writing down notes about the accident, weather, and any special circumstances like trees blocking the view
  • Taking photos of the accident scene
  • Not admitting liability or accusing the bicyclist

You can get compensation for your injuries and property damage if the bike rider is judged to be at fault or partially at fault. The wisest thing to do is contact a bicycle accident lawyer serving Friedman & Simon Law Firm to manage your case and explain what you can expect next if you file a claim or pursue a lawsuit. However, some cases are tough to prove if you fell right in the pathway of an oncoming bicyclist. For this reason, legal representation with a law firm in the state where the accident occurred is mandatory to increase your winning chances.

Bike Collisions with Pedestrians and Vehicles

Collisions with pedestrians and vehicles are common. Statistics show that 6.205 pedestrians and 843 bicyclists were killed in 2019 in vehicle collisions. Another 75,000 pedestrians and 47,000 bike riders suffered minor-to-severe injuries.

Wearing a bicycle helmet plays a major role in rider safety. Regardless of whether it’s a vehicle or pedestrian collision, the most serious bike injuries affect the head. Raiders are often thrown from their bikes and suffer concussions or brain injuries. Helmets reduce head injuries by about 50%.

Liabilities Matter in Injury Cases

Bicycle accidents with vehicles often result in severe injuries for the bike rider. That’s especially true if the bike rider didn’t wear a helmet for protection. In addition, many bicycle-car collisions happen because of vehicle driver negligence. They often don’t notice a biker in the car’s blind spot or fail to look carefully before opening a car door.

Bicyclists can get compensation for their injuries by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Bicyclists can also be liable for the accident. Bicyclists often fail to obey the law and ride on the right side of the road. Bicyclists often race through urban traffic jams trying to maneuver around cars illegally, which often causes collisions.

Regardless of whether you’re a bicycle rider, pedestrian, or car driver, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages for property damage, medical expenses, lost work, and even non-economic damages like pain and suffering. If a car driver or bike rider doesn’t have sufficient insurance, you can sue the liable party personally for damages. It might be possible to file with your insurance coverage to cover any shortfall or uninsured motorist.

Get an Experienced Attorney

No matter your liability status, it’s important to consult an attorney after an accident that causes property damages and injuries. Bicycle riders can contact a bicycle accident attorney with proven experience in such cases.

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