Why You Should Be Calling Your Lawyer Immediately After a Personal Injury

There are undeniably many presumptions about when to call a lawyer after an accident. Some delay contacting a legal expert because they think the aftermath is simply an insurance issue. Others are preoccupied with the traumatic experience and choose to wait to recover before getting legal help.

These presumptions are wrong, however. Having a lawyer on your side from the beginning will help you build a stronger case and increase your chances to win.


Help Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

An aspect you need to bear in mind is that insurance companies are striving to make a profit. To help achieve their goal, they hire well-trained and experienced adjusters to negotiate the settlement. The insurance adjusters will work hard to ensure the insurance company pays as little as possible.

If they find any grounds for dismissing a case, they will not hesitate to do that. Sometimes they might even dismiss a valid case. What’s more, the insurance adjuster might compel you to give a statement that might damage your case.

To prevent this scenario, it would be wise to call a personal injury attorney immediately. They can take over all communications with the insurance company and make sure your rights are protected.

How the Legal Expert Will Help

Personal injury attorneys have considerable experience dealing with insurance companies. They know how to recognize and avoid any tactics insurance agents might use to offer an unfair compensation.

A legal expert can:

  • Negotiate with the insurance adjuster
  • Handle all details that are required for your claim
  • They will prepare a written or verbal statement that will be crucial for your case

Prove the Validity of Your Injuries

Notably, the process of proving liability is complex. This is why you’ll need a personal injury lawyer in McKinney to prove that the other party is responsible for your injuries.

The reason why calling an attorney is crucial is because they can help gather evidence. This way, they will better understand the events that led to the accident and build a solid case to benefit you. The sooner you contact an attorney, the more time they will have to build a strong case.

Your lawyer may strengthen your case by:

  • Obtaining the police report
  • Talking to the witnesses
  • Gathering medical records for proof of your injuries

Help You Understand Your Claim Better

If this is your first time dealing with insurance companies, you might not understand what’s going on. To begin with, insurance policies state the responsibility of each party after an accident. However simple this might seem, you might be met with more challenging terms.

Working with a personal injury lawyer is crucial in understanding all the regulations stated in the insurance policy. Furthermore, a legal expert can negotiate with insurance agents on your behalf to secure a higher settlement amount.

Besides dealing with the insurance policy, there may be legal processes to handle. Your attorney is well aware of every step you need to take if you decide to seek justice. Follow their lead and fight against injustice. Furthermore, having an expert handle your case will leave you more time to focus on healing.

Meet All Legal Deadlines

After being involved in an accident, you may experience emotional and mental trauma. In such a situation, dealing with the law can be very confusing.

You need to know that you must meet legal deadlines to win your case. This is also known as the statute of limitations. If you fail to meet the set limit, your case will be dismissed, and you will no longer be able to recover. However, by working with a lawyer, you’re sure to meet deadlines and successfully navigate through the legal proceedings.

The Bottom Line

As seen above, calling a personal injury attorney immediately after an accident is vital. A lawyer will protect your interests throughout the legal process and ensure you receive a fair award from your insurance company.

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  1. Afton Jackson says:

    Proving that you have injuries and that you need some compensation to help with recovering from is definitely important. This could really make a huge difference in just how much you’ll get from the settlement and how fast you can get out of the hospital to return to your normal life. I’ll definitely take this into account and hire an injury lawyer in the area if ever I’m in that situation.

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