Is it Worth it to Hire Asset Search Investigators?

Whether you are in the middle of litigation, want to assess the value of filing a lawsuit, have assets that you want to protect or leverage your finances during an investment opportunity, it is smart to consider if it is worth it or not to hire asset search investigators or try a different route. Not only do professional asset search investigation in Florida help you collect the valuable information, but they know how to use the data to help you solve problems discreetly.

When Do I Need an Asset Investigator?

Asset search investigators must use alternative methods to locate assets since most state and international laws prevent legal access to financial records like savings or investment accounts. They accomplish their tasks by using a number of investigative techniques that legally locate assets through sources like public records databases, internet research or third-party sources.

  • Debt collection
  • Pretrial assessment
  • Family court
  • Hidden assets
  • Financial security
  • Asset recovery
  • Estate executor oversight
  • Workplace embezzlement
  • Pre-employment screening

Asset investigation also looks for assets available through businesses, trust funds, real estate, foreign accounts, stocks, bearer bonds, artwork, jewelry, cars, planes, boats, deeds or any other hidden assets the debtor has. Asset search investigators also look for debt collection indicators like bankruptcies, liens, pre-existing judgments or property sales that will affect you.

Importance of an Experienced Asset Search Investigator

It takes less than a second to search the internet for asset investigators that are in your area. Distinguishing them based on experience and reputation will make the difference between a successful outcome and losing thousands and or even millions of dollars. Take the time to check how long a business has been in operation, past cases and asset seizure experience before hiring.

You must also check the process that each company uses. Is there enough staff on hand for more complicated cases? Does the company have lawyers or asset seizure personnel to advise you on a follow-up? While most companies will locate some assets because of the technique, the analysis won’t be helpful unless a skilled investigator helps you with the next process step.

Is Hiring an Asset Search Investigator Worth It?

The most obvious value to hiring an asset search investigator is the convenience of having someone who will provide critical data that can help you determine a plan of action. If you are busy like most people, there is also value in hiring an investigator as opposed to doing this yourself. As you will have to learn on the job, asset search investigators are fast and efficient.

The work that an investigator, does is also thorough and professionally delivered, which means you will not have to write a report for your client before providing the results of an investigation. The information collected is also highly confidential, which means you won’t have to worry about data leaks should the information be of value to you, interested parties in your business or a client.

Beyond the scope of an investigation, asset search investigators are also thoroughly trained, experienced and capable of delivering the type of results that help you establish asset liability.

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