How to Plan Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy for 2018

Law Firm Marketing Strategy

2018 has arrived. Do you have a law firm marketing strategy ready to implement for 2018? Chances are that you haven’t had the chance to focus on it yet with the busy holiday season.

Follow the Steps Below to Help You with Your 2018 Marketing Strategy:

NO. 1: Have a designated person at your law firm that will handle the marketing. This means someone who will be in charge of having meetings with marketing vendors and approving marketing material and content. If you do not have a designated in-house marketing person, consider hiring a part-time person who can handle the marketing.

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NO. 2: Implement a content marketing strategy. If you haven’t realized by now that “content in king”, it really is. Google loves fresh, relevant content which is achieved via posting blogs to your website. Furthermore, adding additional pages to your website is also beneficial. Make sure that you have a unique page for every sub-practice area that you have. The reason this is important is because Google will scan the content on that page. In addition, because it is a distinct page with a unique URL, it has the ability to rank high on Google.

NO. 3: Determine what type of cases you would like to get more of; then create a strategy around those type of cases. It is possible to target your ideal audience by using keywords. Th e first step would be to make a list of keywords that are relevant to the type of cases you want to attract. The second step would be to determine which cities, suburbs and communities you want to attract new clients from.

NO. 4: Create a content calendar. You can create a content calendar to help plan out all of the content that needs to be created and posted to your website. It is essential to determine the frequency of the content. Will you be posting content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Create a list of topics based on what types of practice areas your firm wants to promote the most. Next, who will write the content or who you will hire to write the content? After you have someone to write the content, you can figure out when you can expect to have the content back and what the estimated posting dates will be.

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Below are Some Tools You Can Use for Your Content Marketing Strategy:

BuzzSumo: This tool allows you to see the most shared content by keywords. By researching which topics are of high interest and what is being shared the most, you can make an informed decision about what to blog about. Furthermore, it helps you know where to post your content based on reaching your most relevant audience.

ContentGems: You can use this tool to setup alerts by keywords. You can setup alerts for a couple of keywords and you will get articles sent to your email about the topics/keywords that you pick. It can be used to get ideas for content creation. It can also be used for your social media posts to share on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Pocket: The pocket app lets you save all of your favorite content from all over the internet in one spot. This allows you to come back to it later when you are going to need to reference it for writing blogs.

Evernote: This app allows you to keep track of your content ideas and editorial calendar while being able to access the information from your phone or computer.

Quora: This platform performs on a question and answer basis. It can be used to ask questions and determine what your audience would like to learn more about.

Understand Why Having a Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy is So Important

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client. If you were new in town and did not have a friend to ask for an attorney referral, what would you do? You would probably go to Google and put a keyword phrase into the search box. Google would then provide pages of relevant content. Now imagine, that every time someone who needed an attorney did a search and you were nowhere to be found.

On the other hand, whenever you search for your firm to rank for particular keywords but end up seeing your competition, how does that make you feel? Are you curious why they are ranking and you are not? One of the most important things that they are doing is creating a powerful, authoritative website, which consists of fresh, relevant content and making sure that each page of the website is search engine optimized. This is precisely the reason an effective content marketing strategy is crucial. Dimple Dang

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