Law Firm SEO Strategies That Will Help You Outrank Your Competition

Law Firm SEO Strategies That Will Help You Outrank Your Competition
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Do you have a boutique law firm? Are you in charge of content marketing for a large firm? Maybe you’re thinking of branching out on your own and want to build your clientele?

Whatever the case, using law firm SEO keywords correctly are key to your success.

Research has shown that 96% of people who seek legal advice do so by using a search engine. Out of those searched 74% take action. Read below for some proven strategies to set yourself up for success.

User/Google Friendly

The first thing you need is a user-friendly website. A site that not only your potential clients love but Google does as well. To make this happen you need to give the customers what they’re searching for.

You have to know what they want to provide a solution to their problem. Also, your website needs to be set up for skim reading. This will make search engines as well as consumers happy.

Another way to achieve this is by using clear graphics that help get the point across. Also, make sure important terms on your site are in bold. Terms such as Criminal Defense Attorney. or DUI LAWYER. 

Lastly, your site needs to be easy to navigate. They shouldn’t have to make more than two clicks to get where they need to go. This will help your law firm sites search engine optimization.

Stay Away From the Zombies

According to Google, they prefer smaller websites with pertinent content as opposed to mega-sites with poor quality or useless content.

Get rid of any “zombie pages”. Zombie pages are those that provide no value to your customers. Pages like old press releases or archives that aren’t relevant or timely anymore.

Also, pagination and pages with less than 50 words of content. We call these “thin pages”. With content, it’s better to be fat as long as the information is valuable.

Speed Doesn’t Kill

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow webpage. Imagine you’re in desperate need of a lawyer. You find one through an attorney SEO search that’s in your area.

When you try to search their website it’s slow. The pages aren’t loading or they’re taking forever. You have to click three times to check a different tab or link. Bam. They’re gone and onto the next SEO legal search.

One thing to keep in mind is that 72% of people seeking a lawyer only end up contacting one before making their choice.

Google says load speed matters in how they judge your SEO rank. The average load times are 50 to 89%. Shoot for at least 90% and you’ll be good.

You can do this by compressing all images and files before you upload them to your site. Install a cache and make sure you use a premium hosting platform.

The Best Law Firm SEO

These simple tips can help your law firm SEO be better than the rest. You’ll not only drive more traffic to your site by ranking high you’ll raise your conversion rate and gain more clients.

For more helpful tips, explore some of our other posts.

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