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Raleigh-based Scroll was born from a conversation with a local surgeon building a tech company designed to transform the way medical providers communicate with patients. Marlet Edwards, an attorney with a strong interest in legal marketing, envisioned how a similar technology could improve the way lawyers attract and win over new business.

“My firm’s content marketing process back then was too cumbersome. It took Excel spreadsheets and multiple e-mails and still resulted in disjointed pieces scattered through many files and software applications,” said Edwards, attorney and co-founder of Scroll.

Edwards was involved with the planning of the legal vertical with a development group in Atlanta that became Scroll. Beta tests started in late 2016. “Now that we have a good solid year of beta users, the platform interface has been improved and is working great. We plan to spend the next two years bringing on more clients and different size firms nationally, trying different strategies and collecting data from them.”

Content marketing for the legal space is about providing educational value to establish trust and likability while staying top of mind. Those in need of legal services conduct a lot more research on the front end before engaging an attorney which means having the right content online is essential to the entire process from attracting to converting to retaining key clients.

Multi- attorney firms use the Scroll platform in conjunction with their own in-house staff or outside marketing agency by storing blog posts in a shared content library or integrating with HubSpot. This is a way for them to streamline managing all their blogs and social media for multiple segmented audiences while ensuring that each individual attorney has his or her own lead capture mechanism. “Attorneys love this because they see the direct effect of sharing an article and capturing a lead,” continues Edwards. The one-to-many platform enables one person in the firm to easily manage the blogs and social media campaigns for the entire group.

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Scroll noticed early the need to provide content creation services for smaller law firms on top of the platform because solo and small firm attorneys lack the time and resources to create enough content on a consistent basis. Scroll creates practice area specific posts, uploads the posts to a content library so the attorney can easily edit and share. Scroll teaches attorneys to add in their own local nuances and search terms to improve their search engine optimization. Edwards said that the cost for small firms starts at $125 per month.

The Scroll subscribers do not have to be tech-savvy. A one-hour web training is part of the on-boarding process that shows users how to optimize social media profiles, promote posts to targeted audiences, create educational articles and edit the information Scroll creates for the subscribers.

“Helping attorneys connect information about their services to the right audience becomes increasingly difficult in today’s noisy digital environment. Scroll’s process includes the use of machine learning tools making this connection more efficient and economical,” said Kevin Lee, an associate professor at Campbell Law School who is an adviser to Evolve Law, an organization of legal tech entrepreneurs.

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“Content marketing can be easily managed by one designated person in the firm while empowering each individual attorney to become a resource of valuable information in a peer-to-peer manner that encourages exponential engagement and opportunity,” concludes Edwards.

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