Legal Intake Software to Track Return On Investment

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Your online marketing campaign is live: the website is up and running, you are ranking well in Google and social media is generating buzz around your law firm. You invested well, your phone is ringing, and clients are being signed. But are you tracking which sources are bringing the most revenue and which sources are biting off disproportionate chunks of your budget?

An efficient solution that can take the burden off you and offer more precision is the use of intake, or customer relationship management (CRM), software.

Intake software comes in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes – for solo practitioners and for national full service firms – some of which are highly customizable and others that are template-based. Some are made solely to keep track of user information in a database. Some can help set your workflow by assigning leads and scheduling follow ups. And some allow you to assess your marketing strategies by providing return on investment (ROI) reports.

Return on investment is a metric that allows you to compare investments, to see which bring in the biggest returns and which see the biggest losses. For law firms, the best ROI indicators are cost-per-lead or better yet, cost-per-case. Your firm will need to set your own goals and determine which metric is most important to you.

To track ROI you will need to know where each lead originates, how much your firm is spending on that source and whether the lead ultimately converts. The best intake software to track ROI should:

  •  Integrate seamlessly with your intake channels, like quick contact forms and phone calls from multiple sources. (This charting is especially possible when you set up dynamic call tracking.)
  •  Show the breakdown of leads by specific practice area so you can accurately evaluate your efforts.
  •  Provide frequent reports to track changes over time or evaluate specific campaigns.
  •  Be flexible without being cumbersome. Some solutions can be too cookie-cutter and may not fit the individual needs of your firm. Similarly, some intake software can be so difficult to customize and so powerful that it may not be the most cost – and time – effective solution for your firm.

The bottom line is to know what is making you money and what is costing you money.

Bearing these criteria in mind, we have reviewed several leading intake software solutions for your firm to consider.


  •  Ideal for any firm size.
  •  Ideal for firms practicing any area of law.
  •  Starts at $199 a month.


  •  Ideal for any firm size.
  • Ideal for personal injury and mass tort firms.
  •  Starts at $200 per month.

Captorra and Avvo Ignite were both designed specifically to address the question of what happens after a wave of prospective clients is delivered to the lawyer – both in terms of the automatic intake process and tracking vital analytical information for your marketing reports.

Lex Reception


• Ideal for a larger firm.

• Ideal for firms practicing any area of law, especially firms representing businesses.

• Cloud-hosted service is $678 per month for 10 users.

• Firmwide service is a one-time cost of $43,900 for up to 100 users. John Damron

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