Legal Marketing for The Modern Era: Trends You Need To Use For Your Campaign

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Lawyering is one of the oldest professions that’s still around today. It has evolved a lot over time, especially in recent decades as our technology and needs have changed. Technology has always had a major influence on many aspects of life, the way that legal marketing is performed is not an exception to this.

The importance of being able to keep up with trends lies in the value of being able to reach your intended audience of potential clients. To be effective, you have to reach out to people in a manner that not only appeals to them, but also utilizes the many advantages of modern technologies to do so efficiently. So, with that thought in mind, what are these trends that you might want to leverage in order to maximize your marketing potential?

Mobile Sites

The fact that there are more Google searches that are made on mobile devices versus on full-sized computers is nothing new. Google has put a significant emphasis on mobile-friendly websites for many years now, making it essential and expected at this point. A mobile-friendly website doesn’t just make things more convenient for your users but it also helps your website to avoid penalties from google.

Voice Search

With the rise in popularity of smart speakers like the Google home and Amazon Echo, it would be a complete waste if you weren’t able to leverage voice search to your advantage. You can achieve this by using longer keyword phrases that are written in a conversational tone rather using two-word keywords. This will only become more important with the nearing advent of artificial intelligence.

Prioritize Local SEO

Clients will almost always look for lawyers within their area. This is because most clients would like to be able to meet with their lawyers frequently. In order to leverage this trend, make sure to include location-specific keywords in your content. Include the same information in your Google Business Page so that relevant information related to your business can be easily found.

Use Visuals

Visual content is much more effective at providing information on a topic. This is even more important when you’re dealing with technical topics. Video, infographics, and pictures all help make it easier to explain a certain topic. Remember that you’re going to be dealing with people who aren’t well-versed with the law and it’s important to be able to explain what exactly you do and how it can help them with their case. This is also a great opportunity to show what aspect of the law you specialize in. A good example of this is how the website of Tario & Associates sufficiently makes it known that they are personal injury specialists. 

Technology is a dynamic thing. It is constantly changing and constantly evolving. What we may deem as advanced methods today may eventually become obsolete in the future. In the same manner that we, lawyers need to regularly update our knowledge, so too, should we keep up with the technological trends not just in order for us to be able to market ourselves more effectively, but also so that we’re able to serve the people who need our help. 

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