11 Keys to Optimizing Your Law Practice Now and into 2021

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In the mainly remote communications world we are all living in, every lawyer and other professional should take the time to maximize their online position and virtual business communications.


Because… in-person meetings and events of all types are out or dramatically reduced; being within six feet of another person (other than those in your bubble) is out for most people; and, handshakes, hugs and pats on the back are also largely out.


Judge Dan Hinde

What’s’ in?

Online, virtual communications and meetings of all types are the new norm. Elbow bumps are sort of in (for those who are less rigid about maintaining six feet of distance). And, while mask wearing is not universally used (or some who do wear masks do so incorrectly), it is the standard.

11 Critical Things to Do

Below are eleven critical things every lawyer and other professional should do between now and year-end. If you do not have time to do these essential tasks, ask for help or consider hiring an outside expert.

  1. Input your name in the most used search engines — Google, Microsoft Edge, Baidu, etc. — and review the output, noting how many hits/results appear in each, which results rank highest, any negative information, etc. Then, work with your IT expert or assistant to make edits/upgrades. Claim any knowledge panels and update them with new information.
  2. Review your account settings on the three most used videoconferencing platforms: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.
  3. Record yourself while in a videoconference and ask a trusted friend or advisor what you can do to optimize your videoconferencing skills.
  4. Review the range of virtual communications tools you use and consider security upgrades. For example, consider using video messages, send/ship-tos, and/or drop-offs. Ask your best clients and referral sources what secure messaging apps they use and prefer and start using those apps as appropriate.
  5. Consider creating and sending voice or video messages selectively on LinkedIn messenger, WhatsApp, and other relevant platforms.
  6. Record yourself delivering a webinar presentation and ask for suggestions to optimize your online presentation skills.
  7. Ask for feedback from virtual pitches you have done online and consider making some improvements.
  8. Review your outgoing email signature and vCard, and consider adding a recent photo of yourself, a link to your LinkedIn profile, Zoom room, etc.
  9. Inventory and add your recent experience (matters/cases, etc. anonymized as appropriate) to your biographical sketch on your firm’s website, especially any COVID-19-related experience.
  10. Review your LinkedIn profile (and your profiles on other relevant social media) and add recent experience, relevant media, and other information. Review your settings to be sure they are optimized.
  11. Assess your use of LinkedIn (which has the largest business reach of any media platform or outlet in the world) to (1) identify and develop new opportunities, (2) to become known as a thought leader, and (3) learn how to optimize your use of LinkedIn in the most time-efficient manner going forward.



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