Beach Chair Marketing: Slow Down to Heat Up Your Marketing

Beach Chair Marketing

Summer “fever” is in the air and I’m looking for reasons to find myself near the water as often as possible this season. If you’re like me, there’s nothing as peaceful and rewarding as sitting in a beach chair by the shoreline just being. With that in mind, we’ve outlined below a few constructive tactics that savvy rainmakers (I trust that includes YOU) can do this summer – beach chair marketing.

1. Get your marketing house in order.

Is your professional profile up to date? Studies show us that the website profile is the number one page that site visitors go to learn about you and your legal capabilities. Does yours presently reflect the breadth and depth of your experience? This is not the place to be shy.

Have you added the most current speaking engagement, professional accomplishment, case win and/or settlement? If one of your goals is to develop a solid reputation as an expert in a select practice area(s), then you must maintain a current profile – especially digitally (think website and social media channels).

2. Are you serious about building relationships?

As important as maintaining a current profile is, ensuring your contact list is updated (and preferably, segmented – divided by type of relationship – clients, prospect and referral source) is as important. Yes, I recognize that this exercise can be quite daunting given the time investment but how much easier is it to tackle when you are out of your office, without so many distractions (unless you are gawking at walkers by). This is a no-brainer smart beach chair marketing tactic.

3. Catch up on your periodical reading/scanning.

As much anxiety as that stack of unread periodicals sitting on your office floor can cause, why not take a few with you to the beach, with some post-its to flag items of interest, and scan through them for ideas…reasons to reach out to a “quiet” client, to shoot an article to a “hot” (or even “warm”) prospect or scan for an article topic for an upcoming publishing opportunity. This is a super beach chair marketing activity and you’ll feel better when you can see more of your office floor upon returning.

Simple though these tactics may sound, whether on a beach or hammock, or on your sofa, they are very important to your business development endeavors when you ramp up for the Fall.

Have a happy and healthy summer! Kimberly Rice

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