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Many law firms spend enormous amounts of money to attract prospective clients using creative lead generation and marketing methods. Unfortunately, they are not achieving a significant return on their marketing investment (meaning an influx of paying clients) because attorneys lack the conversion skills that would enable them to consistently convert those leads into invested clients.

If you want to seal more deals and magnetize the right clients into your practice, you must have a lead conversion system in place that runs like a well-oiled machine.


Judge Dan Hinde

Getting the phone to ring is one thing, getting prospective clients to retain you is something entirely different. Many firms can get a prospect to make an appointment and come into their office, but they are not exactly sure how to effectively convert them to clients. Making sure that clients hire you and your firm, and not the competition, requires an updated process and modernized approach. Before you can serve clients, you must get them to retain you, and this starts with a fully-functioning lead conversion process. Fix it once, and reap the rewards over and over.

You may already have a thriving practice but have a suspicion that somewhere, lurking under the surface, are inefficiencies related to lead conversion that are dragging down profits. Ideal prospects are slipping through the cracks because you have not mastered how to sell your legal services and seal the deal.

Many attorneys are nowhere near as confident and comfortable selling their services as they are in delivering them. Some attorneys turn their nose up at the thought of having to convert prospects into clients, so they avoid or never develop that skill. Some declare one or more of these self-sabotaging mantras: I am an attorney, not a salesperson. I don’t want to change myself or my personality to sell. My work should speak for itself. Selling is not in my DNA.



Your DNA and personality are not the issues. I have worked with hundreds of attorneys who boosted their results by adjusting their approach and enhancing their lead conversion skills without altering their personality or changing their genetic makeup.

Selling and conversions skills must be learned, nurtured, and practiced. Your ability to sell yourself and your services are directly related to the income that you earn. When you learn how to continuously convert prospects into clients, you write your own paycheck.

What does a single lost client cost you? Imagine if you could convert one or two more interested prospects into paying clients each month. What would this mean to your bottom line? I would wager that it would produce tens of thousands of dollars of additional revenue for your firm.

So how can you generate a significant return on your marketing investment on a consistent basis? How can you stop leaving enormous amounts of money on the table?

You can start by sharpening your lead conversion skills and discovering how to use these skills effectively in every meeting, situation, or client consultation. You begin to utilize a more modern way to motivate, inspire, and guide prospective clients to hire your firm instead of hiring the competition.

Your skills must evolve, or you may face extinction. Law practices that refuse to update and refine their lead conversion process will have to get used to seeing ideal clients take their money and their business to the competition. They will have to get accustomed to hearing prospects say; I need to think about it. Your fees are a bit high. We will let you know. I will get back to you.

After all, when someone does not retain you, they will likely retain your competition. Stop allowing your marketing dollars and efforts to benefit your rivals instead of you.

Your growth and profitability depend upon making the most of your marketing dollars through stellar lead conversion endeavors. By understanding the essentials of lead conversion, you can consistently and systematically outsell the competition and produce a substantial amount of business in a short period of time.

Create a winning combination of lead generation with lead conversion, and watch every marketing dollar you spend return to your firm in the form of more happy paying clients and robust referrals. Guaranteed! Liz Wendling

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