CVD Era Marketing Toolkit

CVD Era Marketing Toolkit

Despite living in the CVD era, business goes on and we must pivot to re-define how we service clients, build and service our network and attract new business. Virtual networking has become the new “norm” and the cost of entry for effectively navigating what will become the new marketing playbook. How open are you to adapt?

Actions to Advance Business Goals

Below are pragmatic actions you can take today to advance your business growth goals:

  • Redefine sales/business development with the focus on finding ways to be helpful, to be in service, by asking clients and prospects open-ended questions about their needs and actively listening to learn how you can support them. (Mindset shift required)
  • Clean up your contact lists (use that right click in Outlook and download those LinkedIn contacts) – “there’s gold in them hills”!
  • Reach out to internal firm colleagues regularly to stay top of mind for referrals.
  • Max out the word count allowance in all areas of your LinkedIn profile then search your connections in a targeted way by industry or other meaningful demographic to reach out with a useful link to some thought leadership, either yours or from a trusted source.
  • Research LinkedIn groups to join and contribute to the conversation. Post thought leadership content regularly to demonstrate expertise (300-500 words is plenty to make a favorable impression).
  • Hone in on industry concerns in your area of focus in light of CVD to collaborate with colleagues (either inside your firm or another) to plan, promote and present a webinar (with zoom video, where practical). Re-purpose for client-centric programming, as a value add.
  • Learn a new skillset i.e. how to leverage video, to demonstrate expertise to targeted clients/contacts. Use this time to expand your mind to gain a competitive advantage later.
  • Research a few competitors to “look up the ladder” and learn what they are doing that you could be doing to gain market share.
  • Author articles/blog posts for clients/contacts and/or for publication to demonstrate thought leadership.
  • Leverage digital platforms to develop your personal brand:
    • Livestream (Facebook and LinkedIn) on a relevant, timely topic of interest to your network/clients
    • Record video segments (via Zoom) and post them on social media networks and/or send to clients/contacts directly.
    • LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram (dependent upon your client focus – B2B or B2C)
    • Podcast (host and guest on others)
    • Create an abbreviated version of your signature presentation to upload to LinkedIn
    • Host virtual networking meetups
    • Include clients and prospects in any of the above for major bonus points

An Investment Today with Compounded Returns Tomorrow

Regardless of what the near- and long-term futures hold, it is clear where the world is heading. Despite whatever growing pains you may experience today in making necessary changes to how you practice law and grow your business, the uncomfortableness will reap positive returns later.

And, the “uncomfortableness”? That is a sign of progress. Just as you experience soreness when embarking on a new exercise regimen…that is a sign you are moving closer to your goals. Eventually, the uncomfortableness subsides and in its place are muscles that make the next leap forward easier and exponentially more impactful than when you started.

We are here cheering and supporting you along the way.

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