3 Tips to Leverage Digital Marketing to Grow Your Practice

leverage digital marketing

Your law firm’s digital presence has never been more important to your ability to attract new clients and grow. While building a financially productive marketing program that measures success against clear financial goals is challenging, it’s not impossible. Let’s dive into some of my top tips for firms looking to amplify their reach and drive demand through digital marketing channels. 

No. 1: Make The Investment

In the world of digital marketing, you have to spend money to make money. This goes for both human and financial capital. It’s incredibly difficult for someone who isn’t an expert to run a successful digital marketing campaign, and it’s a waste of billable time for a partner to handle demand generation when they should be focusing on practicing the law. Unless you have a fully dedicated team member that can put all of their time and energy into a sound digital marketing strategy, you won’t see the results you’re looking for.


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Think of your digital marketing program as a car that’s on empty. If you give the car some gas, it’s going to get to its destination faster than if you were pushing it. Instead of attempting to handle digital marketing internally, you should ideally partner with an agency that takes the time to understand your practice, build a customized strategy, and execute on it flawlessly. 

No. 2: Pursue a Variety of Channels

You should also be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars a month to test different channels. Once you find channels that produce meetings at a financial productive rate, be prepared to scale!

The most successful digital marketing strategies typically consist of both organic and paid media efforts. This generally involves advertising on channels such as Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, producing high-quality blogs, and amplifying that organic content through social media. We call that firing on all cylinders. 


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Pursuing a diverse digital marketing strategy is important not only because it allows you to better understand and engage with prospective customers, but because it minimizes risk. Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, and suffering the consequences when costs sky-rocket in certain months or quarters, a best-in-class marketing plan will consist of multiple channels.  

No. 3: Keep An Eye On the Competition

Your competitors are advertising online, and you need to stand apart. The first step to ensuring you stay one step ahead is to conduct extensive competitive research. What channels are they advertising on? What keywords do they show up for? What does their messaging look like? The answers to these questions will help inform your own strategy. 

Once you know what they’re doing, it’s time to start thinking about differentiation. Digital channels are crowded nowadays, and uninspired messaging no longer cuts it. Good law firm marketers need to understand the cutting edge of marketing in addition to the nuances of ethical legal marketing. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by thinking that marketing isn’t an area of specialization.

If your firm is struggling to realize its growth goals, you certainly aren’t alone. A successful digital marketing program is hard to build, and it’s key that you trust the right partner. Request a free consultation to learn about my team’s approach. 


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