Law Firm Marketing: 3 Strategies and a Free Playbook

law firm marketing playbook

How to outsmart your competitors without competing on a budget-to-budget level.

In the past, law firms and lawyers could rely on their reputation to bring a steady stream of clients through their door. Now, in 2020 and beyond, you’ll need to pair your reputation with effective law firm marketing strategies to create a robust online presence to stay in front of your target audience. 

In fact, it’s reported over 80 percent of prospective clients research firms online prior to engagement.  


Judge Dan Hinde

If you were to take a look at your social media channels, website, and Google reviews right now, would people get the answers they need to make their decision? Would they be impressed with your expertise and experience? Would they see you’re the best in the business through online reviews and testimonials? 

If you can’t confidently say yes to any of these questions, your marketing efforts need a boost.

Luckily for you, you’ve landed in the right place because our team at Brick Media excels at law firm marketing and helping our clients get the attention they deserve so they can consistently attract the right clients. 



How do we do that?

We start with a well-defined digital strategy to help law firms edge their competition by showcasing their expertise, staying in front of their target audience, and building brand awareness. 

In this blog post, we’re giving you an exclusive look at our Law Firm Marketing Playbook and sharing three law firm marketing strategies that have been carefully crafted through years of experience, constant tweaking, keeping a close eye on shifts in the market, and an innate ability to outsmart and outwork the competition. 

These three plays have helped our clients find success and now we want to share them with you so you can reap the benefits, too. 

3 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm Marketing Efforts

1. Be Consistent (Organically) on Social Media Platforms by Posting Multiple Times Per Week

When to use: Always and forever. This is a tried and true strategy when your goal is to build brand awareness and position yourself as a thought leader in your area of law. 

The X’s and O’s:

One thing lawyers tend to overlook is the simple idea of being consistent (organically) on all of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even TikTok. This is Law Firm Marketing 101 (see this Law Firm Marketing Case Study for example).

All of these platforms, if utilized multiple times per week by posting valuable, relevant content, will help you attract the right eyes to your brand.

Think of it as an option offense. The end goal is to move the ball down the field, but how you do it isn’t set in stone.

The same notion applies to your organic social media presence. The end goal is to build brand awareness but how you do that can look different each time. 

Maybe one down you post a lifestyle shot in your office, the next play you decide to film a quick video and share a helpful tip about your area of law, or you post a picture from a local restaurant where you’re having a business lunch. 

The more consistent you are with posting valuable and relevant content, the more awareness you’ll build around your brand and the closer you’ll get to the endzone and in front of your target audience. 

Extra Point: Look for emerging platforms that have a lot of users, but not many businesses filling it with content yet. This creates an opportunity where your content will be seen more often simply because there are less competitors saturating the space. Right now, LinkedIn is a perfect opportunity for this.

2. Get Google Reviews

When To Use: When your firm isn’t ranking high enough on Google and you are trying to build your reputation.

The X’s and O’s:

Before making a decision on a law firm, the consumer will do their due diligence. That’s why good law firm marketing is so important.

Part of their research process will be to check the firm’s Google reviews to see what others are saying about their experience. Google reviews build trust and transparency. Not to mention, positive reviews can lead to additional clicks to your site.

A high click-through rate paired with positive reviews will signal to the algorithm that your firm is a trusted source and can help position your website towards the top of the results page. 

Extra Point: When your client’s case is closed, send them an email with instructions on how to leave a review and let them know how much it means to you and your business. If you make it easy for them to leave a review, they’ll be happy to share their positive experience.

3. Google Search + YouTube Targeting

When to use: When the competition is too high on Google Search and you still want to stay in front of your target audience based on certain keywords. 

The X’s and O’s:

Since Google owns YouTube, you can target people on YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world) based on everything they do on Google. 

Example: If someone types in “injury lawyer” on Google, you can show up with ads like “Hey, looking for an injury lawyer?” on YouTube later when they are watching a video.

These ads are video ads (usually 30 seconds or shorter) that appear before a user is watching a video. You set them up directly inside Google’s Ad Platform. You have to have the video uploaded to YouTube prior to running it as an ad.

You can target these ads in several different ways. Here are a few examples.

  • By Keyword – Example: if you only want to show ads on YouTube videos where the word “Tampa” is in the title or the content of the video.
  • By Placement – Example: if you have a specific brand or YouTube channel that you specifically want to show ads on.
  • With Custom Intent Audiences – This is what we are referencing above. You can target users by capitalizing on the search queries they type into If you are a business lawyer, and somebody is typing in things like “how to form an LLC” or “business contract example”, you can start showing them YouTube Ads that show them you can provide that service for them.

This is often an easier way to compete with larger firms because you’re not going head-to-head on Google Search. You are going around them, instead of going directly against them.

Extra Point: Record a custom video specifically for this ad, rather than using an existing video that you’ve made in the past. In this new video, customize the message for the targeting that you select. Example: if you are targeting people using their previous Google Searches, it could be a video where you start with, “Have you been searching for legal help with your business?” Do everything you can to make the video as relevant as possible in that exact moment.

Want more law firm marketing ideas?

If you want to learn more about how you can beat the competition and stay in front of your target audience, get our full Law Firm Marketing Playbook to gain access to four additional strategies that will take your marketing efforts to the next level. It is a great guide to share with your internal team, or whoever handles your marketing!

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