Los Angeles Law Firm Marketing Trends For 2018

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Part of having an effective law firm marketing strategy for 2018 is to ensure that you are maximizing what resources and marketing trends you already implement, while adding anything that is missing. Remember that your website is the “front door” to your practice. You could have the smallest office, however, no one would know that from looking at your website if your website conveys power and success. Your website is the first step to getting quality cases and clients.


Use Google Page-Speed Insights to test the speed of your website. Your law firm website should load in three seconds or less. Do the contact buttons work? Are the photos sized correctly? Is the text large enough to read? Scrutinize it like you think a client would.Did you know that 55 percent of all clicks go to the first three organic listings on Google?


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It is imperative to claim and optimize your local Google listing. Furthermore, make sure that the information is accurate as many of your clients rely on the address, suite number, phone number, and website to be accurate. Add firm images and any other images that may help the public determine how to best find your law firm and where to park.


Search engine optimization can be quite complex, however, having some basic knowledge of what to request when you are hiring an SEO specialist will help you rank better. Below is an SEO checklist that may be helpful:

  • Be prepared to discuss what type of cases you want more of and what keywords and geographic areas you want to attract clients from.
  • Add schema: which is extra website code that helps search engines determine what your web page is about.
  • Optimizing your landing pages for specific sub-practice areas and types of cases you want to get more of.
  • Adding the appropriate keywords in the title, image (ALT tags), and heading.
  • Make sure that all images on your website or blog have keyword-rich descriptions.
  • On-page SEO: make sure that your content is written strategically for SEO purposes (Tip: You can Use the Yoast WordPress Plugin to Gauge Your SEO efforts).

An Effective Content Marketing Strategy Is Essential for Building Authority

Create content for the purposes of building authority in your legal niche and not just for SEO purposes. Content is king; the reason is that Google loves websites that consistently create fresh, relevant content. In turn, Google rewards websites that create relevant content for their audience by ranking them higher in the search results.


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You may not have time to create content, however, you can hire a professional who can produce quality, SEO optimized blog articles for your law firm. This would only require minimal time on your part. Usually the process is to meet with a legal marketing specialist to discuss a content marketing strategy based on your unique business goals. The next step would be to determine the amount of content you wish to have created. Once that is done, your legal marketing specialist will send the content to you for your approval. It only takes a few minutes to review each blog article. Furthermore, you can request the blogs to be sent in batches so that you can dedicate 15-20 minutes to go through 7-10 blogs all at one time.


With apps and tools such as Intercom and Drift, law firms can now use artificial-intelligence-powered live-chat tools to communicate with clients.

If you currently do not have a chat messaging feature on your website; you should definitely consider it. By having a chat feature on your home page, it enables your potential clients to immediately ask a question. As they ask their question, the chat bot will ask them to provide their name, phone number, and what they need assistance with. At that point, that conversation will convert into a lead that will be emailed to the email addresses you designate. Furthermore, it is a very cost-effective way to generate additional leads to your law firm.

Dedicate some time to work on your 2018 law firm marketing strategy. In order to grow and scale your law firm, it is essential to have a well thought out marketing strategy that is aligned with your business goals. Dimple Dang


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