Why the Clubhouse App is an Amazing Platform for Lawyers Who Want to Grow

You many have heard of Clubhouse, an invitation-only audio-chat iPhone app founded in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. Clubhouse is one of the top social networking apps in the Apple App Store. It currently ranks #8 on the App Store under free apps. On Jan. 24, 2021, the Clubhouse app was valuated at around $1 billion.

Clubhouse officially launched back in April 2020, but it really started picking up steam in December 2020. Currently, clubhouse has more than 10 million active users and is growing at a very quick rate.


How Can You Can Get an Invite to This Exclusive App?

Currently the app is only available to Apple users and the Android version is still a couple of months out. The app is not open to the public; you have to be invited by someone who is already a member of the app. Tip: Download the app and create a profile name and handle and if anyone in your phone contacts is on the app, they can invite you in or accept your invite.

Once you’re invited on to the app you get a party hat on your profile which indicates that you are new to the app and you lose your party hat after seven days.

Intrigued? Let’s Talk About How the App Works!

The app has “rooms” that you can drop into at any time. Rooms are going on 24 hours a day and have participants from all over the world. You can pop into any room at any time and you can also hop from one room to the next. Rooms have titles so you can determine if it is a topic you are interested in or not. If you’re sitting in the audience, you can raise your hand to go up on to “the stage.” Once you’re on stage, you can participate in the conversation by asking a question or providing a valuable tip. The moderators will set the tone for each room, so it is best to keep that in mind.

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Once you’ve been on the app for a few weeks and have started your own rooms, and have been a moderator and other people’s rooms, you will be able to get your own “Club.” Think of a Club being similar to a Facebook group or LinkedIn group (except that in this Club you can have live audio conversations). Once you have your own Club, you can add members and followers to the Club.

On Friday, March 5, 2021, Clubhouse announced that people who have been on the app and actively using it for a while are able to have two clubs, and every month they’ll be able to add two more clubs. This announcement created a frenzy of people rushing to go get their Club name before someone else would take the name that they really wanted to use.

Some popular legal industry Clubs that you can join are: Lawyers Mastermind, Legally Speaking Club, Attorney Referral Network, Immigration Law Academy, Lawyer and Law Academy, Law in Stilettos™ and many more. You can search for Clubs by keyword and find additional Clubs pertinent to your practice area.

Why The Clubhouse App Is So Addictive

With the lockdown and pandemic emerging last year, business and social networking came to a complete halt. The Clubhouse app has made it possible to not only network but also to build powerful connections from people all over the world. It has provided the ability to make meaningful connections, learn strategies to help you grow your law firm practice, and mastermind with other like-minded professionals in the legal industry.

The experience that the Clubhouse founders have created is unparalleled. No other social media platform has something even remotely similar. The app also has hidden benefits. Because the only way for people to connect with and message someone on the app is via Instagram or Twitter direct messaging, it is also increasing the number of followers to these social media platforms.

It takes time to grow a social following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, but you will find this platform is one that you can grow your following on (even if you are not a celebrity or influencer).

If you are a lawyer and want to grow your network, practice and knowledge, Clubhouse is where you need to be! The only catch, currently, is that you can only get on the app if you have an Apple device. Get on the app and start participating in rooms and hosting your own rooms for maximum impact.

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