Los Angeles County Bar Association’s 2019 Pro Bono Efforts

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LOS ANGELES, CA—Los Angeles County Bar Association’s charitable arm Counsel for Justice (CFJ) has done it again. In 2019, CFJ provided over $4,000,000 in pro bono legal services and assisted 16,000 clients in need. For over five decades, CFJ has stood at the forefront of providing equal access to legal services in the community by raising funds and directly contributing at the the frontlines of justice in four key areas: domestic violence, support of veterans, immigration assistance, and AIDS legal services.

The Domestic Violence Legal Services Project alone helped over 4,800 clients, provided over $1,500,000 in pro bono legal services, and donated 5,767 pro bono hours. The attached PDF details CFJ’s efforts and overall impact. Please let me know if you would like to speak with LACBA’s President, Ron Brot, to discuss Counsel for Justice, and specific examples of how the program is giving back to the community.

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