Making Sure You’re Covered For Unexpected Legal Battles

Legal Battles
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Without the law and judicial systems, the world would be a really cruel place. In many countries, the law always protects its citizens’ constitutional rights and to make sure that justice prevails. However, the same law that protects your rights can turn against you in a time and way that you least expect. Sometimes this happens out of the victim’s pure negligence or even innocent ignorance. Either way, justice has to take its course and you can easily find yourself in a hot mess with an unexpected legal battle, just because you are not well informed and prepared legally.

On the other hand, if someone infringes on your rights or legal offends you and you decide to file a lawsuit, you will always need solid legal advice and representation in court to prove your case. This is basically why we have plaintiff attorneys and defense attorneys, and regardless of who did what, the side with solid facts and proper legal representation ends up winning the case! Long story short, the law can sometimes seem/be unfair to either side and you can always find yourself having to battle things out with or against another party in court to arrive at a stalemate. Here are some helpful pointers you want to read about making sure you’re covered for unexpected legal battles.

Lawyers Are Your Friends – keep a good one on speed dial

If you find yourself being sued, accused of a particular crime or in the need to pursue justice, no one can be in a better position to assist you than a lawyer who is experienced in handling similar cases to yours. If you’re an employer and someone gets injured from a workplace accident, for instance, it could result in an unexpected legal battle when the injured person files a lawsuit demanding compensation and you’re not adequately insured against such.

To use the same example, if you sustain a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence in the workplace or their private property, you will need a good personal injury lawyer to help you claim compensation for the pain and suffering or potential loss of income the injuries might have caused. This is not to forget that some of these incidences lead to severe injuries whose treatment can be financially overwhelming, not forgetting how challenging the aftermath can be, physically and emotionally. Thabet Khalidi, a renowned Tucson brain damage lawyer who also specializes in other cases such as vehicle accidents, family law, and insurance, says that after sustaining severe brain injury and subsequent treatment, there’s a possibility of changes in personality and emotional responses, with a likelihood of short or long-term disability on the victim. Proving such a case in court requires all the legal expertise and assistance you can get so that you get fair compensation.

Legal Risk Transfer

Especially when in business, there are certain legal risks we all face. Another great way to ensure you’re covered for unexpected legal battles is to avoid potential lawsuits by transferring legal responsibility to potential plaintiffs. This is mostly used by companies when getting into contracts with other businesses or when hiring employees. Companies can also transfer legal responsibility to their clients, perhaps by indicating some risks that their consumers of products and services face when using such and absolving them from potential adverse outcomes that the consumer may encounter or have to deal with.

Buy Insurance

Insurance is another way you can protect you, your estate, or your company from potential lawsuits and unexpected legal battles. Motor vehicle insurance is perhaps the best type of insurance that protects drivers from liability in case they get into an accident and end up damaging someone’s property, injuring someone, or causing death. In the professional world, professional liability insurance (errors & omissions), is a kind of policy that protects service providers from liability claims that may result from errors or omissions when providing their services.

For instance, when an insured electrical contractor installs electrical wiring of a building and that building ends up getting burned down by a fire that was caused by an electrical fault, the client could file a claim or lawsuit against them demanding compensation for the resulting damages. If it goes to court, the professional liability coverage could cater for all the legal defense costs involved. Some professions such as medicine may require you to carry a malpractice policy while for a homeowner, you may need liability insurance, which protects you in case someone trips, falls, and gets injured while on your property.

Reduce Your Public Exposure

Remember when we said that the law can seem unfair in the eyes of some? Well, this is something you can use to your advantage to protect yourself from unexpected lawsuits. In some instances, if your assets are less exposed to the public, potential plaintiffs and their lawyers may not see the need to sue you for financial benefits. Trusts have many benefits, and one of them is wealth protection. Unbeknownst to many, however, asset transfer to family trust can be a great move people use to protect themselves from legal battles. However, you will still need to get legal advice before you do this, so you don’t end up creating more problems in the future. Leveraging assets by borrowing money from lenders with your property as a lien is also another way to make them untouchable in the case of a major unexpected legal battle.

Are You Vulnerable To Lawsuits?

Answering this question can also be a good way to avoid abrupt litigations. It is always better to act now than to react later, and prevention is always better than cure. Well, this point involves reviewing your actions or practices as a person or as a business so you can identify areas that increase the likelihood of attracting legal action. Where possible, you may also want to quit or cease actions that increase your vulnerability to lawsuits. Especially in workplaces, legal vulnerabilities can be reduced by simply making changes and introducing new policies. For instance, employee education and the new policy introduction could curb vices such as sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and gender abuse, which are all ticking time bombs that could bring your company to its knees from a major lawsuit.

In summary, lawsuits can come “out of nowhere”, when you least expect them. Legal battles can be draining, both financially and emotionally, not forgetting the time they can waste and physical effort some of them consume. Some of them are necessary, whereas some of them can be avoided. With the above pointers, we’re hopeful that you now know what it takes to stay protected from legal battles you may encounter unexpectedly.

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