Maslon Participates in Pro Bono Institute’s Pro Bono Challenge

Talk of the Town Announcement

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—The law firm of Maslon LLP is pleased to announce that it has met and exceeded the 2021 Pro Bono Institute’s Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge® for the seventh year in a row – in a year in which the total hours by participating firms fell 15%.

The Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge is a commitment made by major law firms around the country in which firms must devote at least 3% of their annual billable hours or a set number of hours per attorney to the provision of pro bono legal services to low-income and disadvantaged individuals, families, and nonprofit groups. The challenge is administered by the Law Firm Pro Bono Project of the Pro Bono Institute.

A majority of Maslon’s attorneys participated in qualifying pro bono work in 2021. In total, Maslon attorneys contributed 4,478 of their hours to pro bono service in 2021.

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